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General Discussion / PDI Problem!
« on: October 20, 2005, 09:21:04 am »
This past week I have been hard at work at my presentation for Video/Speech class.  I am going to give a presentation about how driving while on a cell phone is equally as bad as driving drunk, I chose this topic because I knew the MythBusters did an episode about this.  So I sent an email to MytheBusters requesting this episode to show as a presentation to demonstrate the dangers of driving while talking on your cellular phone and in a week they sent me the episode on DVD by mail.  As those who watch MythBusters know they slash the myths into sections and switch off between myths throughout the episode.  I uploaded the episode files to my computer using a program called InstantCopy Se.   Which is a DVD burning program that allows me to also save it to my computer or to a CDR. Yet when I uploaded it, it became a file type I have never heard of; a PDI.  Does anyone know how I can open a PDI file or change it into an AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, ect. so I can modify it in my movie editor software?  I want to cut out the parts from the other myth and string the ones from the cellular myth as one.  Stringing them together and cutting out the other parts will be effortless once I figure out how to open it up in my program.

Pixel Art / Mini Retro Ani
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:42:01 am »
I was downloading the TLAP song and it was going to take 40 mins so I whipped out paint and started drawing a small handheld that looks sort of like the GB Mini.  Then I got even more bored when I finished so I decided to animate it.  Just wanted to know what yaíll think since I been doing pixel art weeks in between.

Archived Activities / Vehicles Challenge
« on: September 29, 2005, 01:56:34 am »
Hello and welcome to the second official Daihyo run challenge!  *Cheers* This challenge is entitled Vehicles.  What this challenge will do will not only test your pixel skills yet your knowledge as well, as you pick your mind and mouse you will gain major pixel kudos.  You can trade in your pixel kudos at the front desk for fonts, pixels, army men, and glow sticks.  -
Challenge Rules
1.)   You create a vehicle that could run on two of the four listed environments.
 A.) Air
 B.) Land
 C.) Water
 D.) Undersea
Example: You load up this page and decide wow I want to do this and create something that can go on land and undersea.  So you draw a quad that has a plastic overlapped folded dome stowed underneath that opens and closes on command, allowing the quad to go underwater.
2.)   The vehicle has to be practical.
Example: You canít have a tank that sprouts wings and flies.  It has to be something that could possibly work.
3.)   Size is 120x100; this can be rotated or shrunk if you have extra space.
4.)   Color limit is 20 (including trans) 30 if you want a background yet a background is not required.
5.)   You have a choice of styles you want to choose.
 A.) Stone Age
 B.)   Futuristic
 C.)   World War II era
 D.)   Leonardo De Vinci
6.)   Animation:  I must state this clearly to get no confusion.
If you feel you want to take your picture to the next level and show a transition from one form/environment to the other.
Example: Show the QuadSub go from the dunes to the deep blue by jumping off a huge dune and transforming in the air and splashing into the water.

Please note this will be the only topic for this challenge so all wips and finals go here.

General Discussion / HELP! "Error"
« on: September 17, 2005, 07:27:48 pm »

I get this about every time a web page loads.  I click yes, yet I have no idea what to do after that.  Anyone know how to fix this?

General Discussion / BrotherInWar campaign
« on: August 18, 2005, 07:02:49 pm »
I count 4 topics so far for people running for Peer Mod.† According to what I understand from Pep Pig there is 4 seats.† So you need a 5th person so I am here.† I donít know a lot of you in fact I barely know any of you.† Some of you are saying the same thing.† Not only would I get weekly challenges (colabs, buddy, and solo), I would make and honest attempt at getting the people on these forums to get to know each other more.† Why should mods just mask the problem when they can attack it from the roots.† Getting members to know each other more would lower the amount of fighting on the forums.† Yes, I was in the old Pixelation if you don't remember me.† While I could brown nose the other candidates but, I want to keep this campaign clean.
 - BrotherInWar for Peer Mod.† Why not?
Heres your badges.

I'm writing a short paper about how laziness and creativity/ability to solve problems/adaptation are all connected.† I am entering a psychological essay contest.† It's a local one with a $200 cash prize.† So I figure counting mine there will be 3 people entering.† So I'll need a pretty good essay.† I am an eighth grader heading into high school, just to let you know where Iím coming from.† †Hereís my essay, I just need some opinions.

Laziness to Creativity/Ability to solve Problems/Adaptation

   Laziness has been branded as an insult and a bad quality.† Yet, Iím here to change that.† For laziness isnít an insult or a bad quality.† It is a character trait, just like being optimistic.† Yes some character traits are better than others, yet is active truly better than lazy?† That is what I figured out.
You may think that the title items are unrelated, yet through deep thought their connection is obvious.† Example 1A, a person is sitting on the sofa watching television, the clicker is at the end of the coffee table, a active person would get up and get the clicker.† Thus not using any brainpower or creativity to solve the problem at hand.† Yet, the lazy person will think of a way to solve the problem using the least amount of effort.† The lazy person could A, push the end of the coffee table down and slide the clicker towards them, B, look around them for a long object that could be used to move the clicker into arms reach, or C what ever else they could think of.
   How adaptation and laziness are alike is very simple.† When an active person sees a mess they immediately think clean it up, without any thought or regard about any action they could set in place.† Now a lazy person thinks if the mess could affect them in anyway, and if it does if the effect is worth the effort to fix the problem and if its not they adapt.† Example 2A, a person comes down to the lower level of their home and sees a mess on the floor from their pet.† An active person first instinct would be to clean it.† A respected choice yes, and sometimes the choice of the non-active as well but a lot of the time it is not a necessary one.† Think of this from a lazy childís point of view, they walk downstairs and see this mess, they could A, go back upstairs until someone else who they know will clean it up will see it so they donít get yelled at for not cleaning it up because to the active persons knowledge they didnít know, B, avoid the mess, C, if its not a mess that can rot or become a health hazard to the person like shedding or animal toys simply ignore it, it doesnít affect you why mess with it and the lazy person will adapt to the situation.† Example 2B, a person is sitting in a chair and a fly lands on their leg, the first instinct of an active person is to swat it, most likely causing them to lose their comfort in the chair, and probably missing the fly letting it continue on.† A lazy person could A, just sit their and wait for the fly to go away, B, ignore the fly knowing it canít hurt you, or C, figure out some plan to kill the fly.
   Another easy example between laziness and adaptation is the ability to, as I must bluntly say, take it.† Example 3A, two people are sitting in a room, a lazy person and a active person.† Then the phone rings.† Yet, neither get up to answer it, the lazy person knows if they wait long enough the ringing will get to the other person and they will answer it.† Saving a trip for the lazy person, and stimulating the brain with yet another mind puzzle.
   Here is a hidden connection to laziness to intelligence.† Example 4A, a sibling/spouse/roommate walks into the bathroom to use the toilet, and sees either urine on the seat or the seat up.† They know itís from their sibling/spouse/roommate so they yell, for the person who they suspect it is for them to clean it up.† Now who is the lazy person here?† The person who came into the bathroom and saw the mess or the person who has to come and clean it up?† In truth itís usually the person who came into the bathroom and saw the mess.† Why you ask?† Think about it, it would take much less effort from both parties if the person who came into the bathroom cleaned the seat or put it down.† †It would take more effort to yell the persons name, get their attention, get them to come into the bathroom, get them to clean it up, then scold them, than just to do it yourself.† A lazy person considers these factors and takes into account, is what Iím putting in worth what Iím getting out?† Considering all these factors really stimulates the brain.
† †Now here is a topic where I get talked to a lot about.† Messy rooms.† The thing that most active neat freaks donít understand is that clean and neat is an opinion.† Clean can be an entire different level of clean to someone else.† In my humble opinion if the person can access necessary items in their room, like clothing, bed, and windows itís perfectly fine.† †There is a famous quote I must say, ďOrganized people are just too lazy to look for things.Ē† Yes, that is true, but does that mean that all lazy people are organized?† †No it most certainly does not.† Lazy people are too lazy to organize things.† They are much happier searching for items in their clutter.† Now the term organized chaos is true to a point.† If a person says they are organized, now organized is an opinion as well, ask them to list where they know items are in their space.† If they can list a large number of them then they are organized.
† †Lazy people see life as a puzzle and active people see it as a training exercise.† †Active people see items and think they must be done now and throw off schedules.† While lazy people plan items by importance and the consequences if it doesnít get done.
Just to state the point, just because someone is lazy doesnít mean they are out of shape or donít participate in any activities.† Also the title of active was given as an antonym of lazy, not as the definition of into physical activity or in shape.†
† †All examples I have experienced.† I fall into the lazy category.† If you take one thing away from this essay I hope it is this;†laziness isnít a bad quality or an insult, it is simply a trait, and from what Iíve researched, can be a better trait than being active.† Yet that is also an opinion.† Most of you came into this essay bias because I was trying to make laziness not seem so bad.† Yet my points should have ended your prejudice.† If not, I feel sorrowful for you.


Pixel Art / My Avy
« on: July 19, 2005, 06:32:28 pm »
My avatar.  I like it but I see a lot of problems in it Iím unsure of on how to fix them.  His right foot doesnít seem right; his gun is odd, and his skin.  I can't get right looking flesh tones.
Here's a link if you want one.  I'm not sure why you would though.

C+C welcome on things other than items I mentioned aswell.

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