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Devlogs & Projects / Codename: Mystery Babylon - Tactical RPG
« on: March 20, 2021, 01:32:48 am »

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Codename: Mystery Babylon is a tactical RPG inspired by Fire Emblem and Shining Force. Our gameplay is heavily Suikoden inspired with town/overworld traversal, recruiting of units, and management of a guild hall.

Alpha Build:

Looking for pixel artist to collaborate with. For full revshare or revshare + discounted rates.

Looking for a pixel artist willing to revenue share on a professional grade project.

See Here


I'm working on a 2D SRPG in Unity, and I'm looking for some assets to be done for my prototype. Here's a quick video of what's in so far:

I'd like to get the sprites for a few of my units done, so I can proceed more smoothly.

Here's a document I wrote with details:

Please reply, send a PM or email me at with your flat rate or hourly rate + ETA.

It's a rather small project to begin, but I'd like to find an artist with reasonable pricing and a style I like to request future work from.

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