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Pixel Art / Blob walking animation, need helpz
« on: September 15, 2013, 07:53:24 pm »
Hi guys, long time ago since I last visited.

Been inspired to work on pixel anim, and decided to start with some blob walking anim, but I dont seem to get this thing right.

First wip

It was my impression that a living slimy blob would try to displace itself in a manner simmilar to a jump, so i set up this first wip, but I think it seems more like he is shooting something outta his head.

Second wip

It then occured to me that he should also drag himself forwards, horizontally, but I still feel it is not quite right, any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Pixel Art / [wip] Prowling backstabbing knight
« on: February 06, 2008, 09:08:13 pm »
Don't ask the reasoning behind it, I just felt like drawing it, despite the whole concept being like an oxymoron.  :P I really want some critiques on this one, though.

so far:

I really want to pull a semi-realistic reflective metal texture on the armor, but my mind fails to find a way to pull it off somewhat credibly; everytime I tend to add it, I just end up doing an incredibly mess that shows even less volume in the shape as well. Certainly adding/hacking up a backlight source doesn't fix that issue.

Pixel Art / First pixel art works
« on: April 22, 2007, 09:44:44 pm »
Hello everyone,

Not long ago I have ventured into the fantastic ways of the pixel, and my experiences so far have been exciting.

I have a basic background on fine arts, however, due to the cruel fate, I have not expertised such area, in favor of the evil black boxes called computers. As  means of providing myself of getting back into what I enjoy the most (darwing and painting), I decided to continue my excercises (ha!) through pixel arts.

Due to of a lack of time and obsession with Arcanum (damn game), I haven't managed to do as much as I would want to, but I decided to showcase it, and get as much constructive criticism. Please note that while I really apreciate it, it doesn't mean that I will inmediately apply it; this is because my short attention span, but I always try to work all the criticism in further pieces. I do try to improve my sketches anyway, so don't hesitate!

Anyway, here is some of my work (from older to newer):

My very first attempts, used a forum icons (I really had no idea what was I doing)

Emoticons template, intended to have a style remniscient of earthbound, on the wc3 universe. Failed miserably, IMO.

Dabbling with animation, and trying to do a better looking skull. Haowan from the TIGForums gave me some tips on it, hopefully I will get more.

Portraits (I still have to do hair, but I'd like some comments on the current shapes before going any further with them, like in the last still on the first pic)

And as a bonus, a horrible old console style animation I didn't bother to time properly, limited edition! For free!


Apologizes for my piss poor english grammar.

EDIT: Whoops, posted an old version of one of my portraits. Should be fixed now

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