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Pixel Art / Pixel Characters + Gallery
« on: March 23, 2007, 06:57:02 pm »
I'm relatively new to pixeling, and this is my first post here, so don't kill me if I did something wrong  :-X
Decided to trash the try on a rpg game after seeing wonderfull ones here, I rather play good ones than make crap ones :D

New game that ive been planning for a longer time:

It's going to be a puzzle type collaboration java based game, were players control "pixels" that come in a variety of colors, and can walk, run, punch, push, make themselves into a block and slide, and all kinds of other things. There might be boses at the end of each level (depending how fighting based im going to make it) and they will be all kinds of every day tools you meet while pixeling. For example the first boss might be a collections of 1 black and 8 grey cubes, and would be called AA :D. It will also be one team vs the other racing to a certain goal, and dirty tricks are allowed (boxing the lowest person in their block pyramid off so all of them fall down etc) Im trying to make the graphics cute, kind of like pikmin or yoshis island etc. If anyone has any ideas, or any tips on how to improve my pictures, those comments are highly appreciated.

And the walking animation:

(since im new here)

Was for a rpg kind of thing.

Made for another person

Made for another person

For a competition


More Randomness

For a limited color/size competition

Inspired by a game I play.

A collaboration puzzle

It's a WEEEE!

Trend whore me

Tried something abstract, failed xD

Made for another guy.

Made for a guy who plays the game I play

Made for myself

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