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Pixel Art / [WIP] Process of a Girl [June 9]
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:02:35 am »
CURRENT [June 9]

Id appreciate any comments and crits you may have.
See the post below for process.

(Original post, for reference)
I looked through the lineart thread, and 1 particular image caught my attention. Im on my christmas break from university, and thought it might be fun to do up a quick doodle. Unfortunately that changed for me very fast. As I began working and getting back into pixeling I realized I havent posted any original pixelart since sometime 2007. As I was working on this, I kept changing my mind, and my approach and direction. I generally save most of my steps, and figured this might be an interesting project to share.

Currently the purpose of this thread is for me to share and show my progress through this piece. I will post my previous steps and give some explanations as to why and what I did, and to where I am headed. Right now there may not be much technical discussion, but hopefully within my later steps that will come. Its been interesting for me in the past to look at other peoples approaches, and thus I figured I would share this. I have a long way to go, and alot more to work on.


-using mouse
-no references

Originally I stumbled upon the lineart on the left by sohashu. It intrigued me and I was just going to make it a quick doodle. The original lineart was blown up to 3X, and therefor I shrunk it down to work on it. Before I ever work on something, I like to have very clean lines. As can be seen by the face in red, I quickly cleaned up the lines, defined the face before I would begin to color. If I have clean and clearly defined lines, then I find it easier to block in colors (discussed later) before I add my texture and blending.

Since this was supposed to be a quick and easy project, more for personal fun than to show, I chose arbitrary colors from a previous unfinished piece of mine. Which is why she has green hair, and poor skin color (this will be fixed later). As I completed the little face, I realized it just didnt have that same flair that the initial lineart grabbed me with. I recognized that one of the attractions of the original lines was the size. This is when I knew that this project was going to turn into something much much larger. I blew up my small doodle to 3X, and began to sit and think of how could I approach this at the new size.

**NOTE: for some reason this isnt at full size? photobucket shrunk it. Im not going to change it, you get the idea**
One of my initial approaches I took to the resized image was just seeing if I could smooth out the original pixels I blew up. By going back and adding small curves between each. This proved to be a horrible failure. At such an increased size, the amount of detail and control I have over the face is much more than the small version. This meant I would need to completely redraw and revamp the face. I got rid of all the previous shading and just left the key features of the face such as the eyes, nose and mouth. I felt I had alright placements in the small version for these, and therefore I used them as guidlines when re-drawing the face. The eyes, nose and mouth are essentially the same as before.

Once I got the lines cleaned up to a decent point, I needed to start blocking in my colors. As can be seen by the centre image, I start by defining where the highlighted and shadowed areas of the face will be. At this point I have it very angular and very harsh. From past projects I have done, when I go for the final blending and texturing, it will naturally smoothen out. The third image just illustrates the continuation of the process by layering more and more colors onto the face.

After a while of playing I feel at this point I have blocked out the face well enough, to put it on hold for now. I quickly roughed in the neck and ear within 3 mins just to get a feel for them. Like my lines, I like my block colors to very clean, with nice curves. When they are tidy, there is then no noise to deal with for texturing and blending later on. The lines and block colors are important steps for me as they give me a base concept of the direction I am going.
Much Like the face, I knew the hair needed to be redone completely as well. I therefore deleted all the previous hair, and will have to create new lines for it from scratch.

The face is not done. Just on hold, so I can work on the hair.

***If you are interested in further detail of any of the steps just ask. I have more images on development of hair, and block shading, but I chose these as they were most significant.


I have now just finished defining the hair through lines. Looking at the silhouette of the hair, I tried to imagine and visualize what kind of hair could fit that shape. I decided that a bit of curly hair would be great. The top portion over her forehead is more flat, and the hair behind her neck would be a thick curly mess. I then just tried to sweep the hair into such a shape that it would fit the black space. I found this to be a long process, as I wasn't sure exactly where I was going with it. For nearly every strand I drew I zoomed out to see if it did what I wanted it to. Within the thick mess, I went back after and added more strands to interweave in between the curls. For areas like this, this is where clean lineart proves to be very very helpful. Now when going back to block in colors I will know where and what shapes to use.

Currently I am blocking in the hair, and should hopefully have an update soon.

Once I have finished blocking in the hair, then 'stage 1' will be done. I consider this stage to be very very rough. Alot of flaws with anatomy, lighting, volume/depth, colors (I know, I have used probably more colors than you would have. thats okay for me right now), etc. Pretty well every aspect of it has flaws, and there would be alot of C+C for this right now. But thats fine, as there is still quite a ways before I am finished. I see alot of the issues, and will come back to them later. Anything that has been done, is not finalized and will be changed. This is fleshing out the concept, so I can get a grasp of what I want as a finished product.

I will probably do 2 more 'stages'. A rendering stage which include texturing, color refinement, volume defining, and blending. This stage should correct alot of the larger flaws, and during this time I will be more interested in C+C. This stage will bring the image closer to completion.

The final stage will come down to nit-picky refinement, where I will play with each pixel individually till I have exactly what I want, or to the best of my abilities. there should not be any large changes I will be making during this point, rather this is putting on the final touches.

As mentioned above currently I am just sharing my progress, and not too worried about C+C at this point. Shortly within a few edits, that will change.
Hopefully by sharing my progress through this thread, a few others may find it beneficial.
I know my techniques are slow, and some not needed, but this is also a learning project for me as well.

Hopefully I will have an update soon.

Archived Activities / Pixelator: Snake!
« on: April 03, 2007, 08:42:33 am »
i Mock

Current standings:

Final: i Mock
Create a platformer / sidescroller mockup using your previouse entries.

Restrictions / Rules / Guidelines:
-Canvas size: 240x160 (bigger width than height)
-NO animation
-Each of you must use your own background of the sky you just created - as your background for the mockup - no edits or changes to that.
-Next, you must convert your monster you made in challenge 1 into an enemy sprite (i dont care size).
-Then, take your female you made in challenge 3, and make that your main character sprite.
-Now, for tiles - you can look at either tileset, made from each of you, and convert those into 2d sidescroller tiles. The tiles dont need to be exact replicas, but inspired from them. So say, I could inspire some tiles from both snakes and mirres iso tiles.
-Add any extra things you think would add to your mockup ex: life meter, score counter, etc... that kind of stuff.
-Do not post in any other forums, keep your image to yourself until i post the duels
-Once you submit there is no changes / alterations allowed to be made after you submit.
-2 weeks
-Do not post your image in this thread. PM me your entry.
-how well sprite designs are based off of original concepts
-Overall composition
Tuesday, April 17 - 7am GMT
(find out the time conversion for your timezone)

Snakes Entry:

Mirres Entry:

If there are any questions feel free to ask, and ill answer them.
Best of luck to everyone

Pixel Art / Android F
« on: March 25, 2007, 09:45:19 am »

so sure.
I guess ill post a thread that pertains to the progress of my next pixel.

first update:

as of right now - im just blocking out the shapes and shadows.
Im fairly certain that im going to replace the face colours - as of right now all they are planned as, are temporary colours i can use to start shading with.

I havent really textured anything, (well the little iv done). I havent blended or dithered.
The stage im in right now is just blocking out my colours.

my biggest concern at the moment - is of the actual face.
dont worry about the rest of the uncoloured lines, ill clean those as i reach them.
(please dont comment on lack of hands - those will be added once i reach there).

eventually she will be leaning against something, and perhaps ill add a background.
just a somewhat idea, of why there are random lines at her side and shins.

Archived Activities / Pixelator: Round 4 RESULTS
« on: March 17, 2007, 07:48:26 am »

Current standings:

Challenge 4: Fantastic Skies
Possibly the simplest concept - hardest to complete.
Design a background of a sky.
Restrictions / Rules / Guidelines:
-Canvas Size = 240x160
-NO animation
-Must be of just the sky - can be natural like rain, fiction like apocalyptic, or even alien sky
-No objects in background, such as ground, trees, rocks, etc. Only things that pertain to the sky, like clouds, or northern lights, or moons/suns, etc.
-No colour count
-Do not post in any other forums, keep your image to yourself until i post the duels
-Once you submit there is no changes / alterations allowed to be made after you submit.
-2 weeks (seems to be a comfortable time period, with peoples natural lives)
-Do not post your image in this thread. PM me your entry.
-Complexity, detail
-Colour choice
-Atmosphere / emotion / mood that the sky creates
Saturday, March 31 - 7am GMT
(find out the time conversion for your timezone)

If there are any questions feel free to ask, and ill answer them.
Best of luck to everyone

This should be interesting.
the simplicity will cause a startle i bet.

both of winners.


(astounding. I like the twister)


I really enjoy the colour scheme - and the way you did the gradient is awsome. Never seen it done like that before! However, it was supposed to be 240x160, not 160x240, which might cause some hassle later on ;) )

Archived Activities / Pixelator: Round 3 RESULTS
« on: February 28, 2007, 06:40:07 am »

current standings:

Challenge 3: Cultured Females
Create an idle animation of a strange cultured female.
Restrictions / Rules / Guidelines:
-Canvas size = 128 x 128
-There is NO frame count. However many you want
-Must be of a strange cultured female, ex: Dragon princess, dinosaur queen, android, mermaid (in other words, no regular cultures like japanese, french, german, etc. A new different culture, but has to still resemble a female human. With things like a mermaid, true the legs are replaced by a tail, but it is still recognizeable as a female human.)
-32 colour max. Pick your own pallete
-Must be of an idle animation
-No detailed backgrounds, and No transparency. Use 1 of your 32 colours as a solid background colour.
-Do not post in any other forums, keep your image to yourself until i post the duels
-Once you submit there is no changes / alterations allowed to be made after you submit.
2 weeks.
With these past 2 challenges, everyone has still complained about being pressed for time, so we will keep it at 2 weeks again.
-Do not post your image in this thread. PM me your entry.
-Again, I want 2 separate images. The first image is of your animated female. The second image, I want all your frames as stills. So however many frames all on 1 sheet, not animated.
-Character design / originality
-Difficulty of character, ex: cartoony VS real, or simple shapes VS folds in clothes and muscle movement
-How fluid the animation is
-Personality of character, ex: is it a plain breathing motion, or does your character have something special in the idle animation that gives it its own personality
Wednesday, March14 - 7am GMT
(Find out the time conversion for your timezone)

If there are any questions feel free to ask, and ill answer them.
Best of luck to everyone
hopefully everyone will finish this round and understand the rules better.

Round 1
Snake VS SolidIdea





Round 2
9_6 VS Buloght
WINNER: Buloght




(great battle, both of you!!)

Round 3
Mirre VS BOB




Round 4
Blick VS Filax


no entry.


Great entries.
Next round will start soon

Archived Activities / Pixelator: Round 2 RESULTS
« on: February 09, 2007, 08:35:18 am »

Current Standings:

Challenge 2: Future Lands / Alien Planets
Create a future landscape / or an alien planet landscape in Iso tiles.
Colours and Tiles:
-16 colour preset pallete.
-You are allowed to substitute ONLY 4 colours from the pallete for 4 of your own.
-You are allowed 1 transparent colour. 16colours +1 transparent.

-Tiles are 32x15 (2:1).
-No overlapping edges. Tiles fit together without overlapping.
-Only the 'x' and 'y' of the bounding box are defined as 32x15. Your max height can be 100 for the bounding box.. You are allowed to vary your height though, but it cant go past 100. (for iso measurements cant be more than 16x16x77). I explain this on the second page. (the image lower down with the tree, has examples of how iso translates into bounding boxes).

ATTENTION: this is the proper palette:

That is your pallete you must use. Remember only 4 colour exchanges allowed.
Also, there is an example of the tile and how they fit together.
Restrictions / Rules / Guidelines
- the tiles cannot go outside of the canvas. The full tile should be on the canvas, no tiles are allowed to be half on. Ex: If the map was completly flat, i should be able to see all 4 sides of the map.
-40 original tiles maximum. you do not need to fill the full 40, but that is the absolute max that is allowed. You are allowed to use each of the 40 original tiles more than once, so that you ARE able to tile, but only 40 original.
-flips, rotations, mirrors, etc all count as a new tile. They become something different than the original tile, becoming original themselves.
-No life / creatures allowed. the only living things allowed are plants. No actual creatures that can move.
-Must be of a unique made up landscape. No pictures for reference. this should be fine since the theme is of future lands / alien planets.
-I do not want to see a full world, or a world map(such as continents and such). Make it an actual scene, like of some old forest, or a rundown futuristic city, alien swamp, etc.
-No preset canvas size. but the canvas shape must be a diamond/square. I want an equal amount of tiles on all 4 sides.
-No backgrounds. All I want to see is your tiled map. Make the background 1 solid colour, not transparent.
-Do not post in any other forums, keep your image to yourself until i post the duels
-no animation
-For trees, and shrubs... The foliage (branches / leaves) are allowed to extend onto the 8 nearest/surrounding tiles of the base/trunk. The base must fit all onto the 1 tile, but the leaves and branches once its in the air are allowed to overhang onto the surrounding tile. This means, that this would only count as 1 tile. ex:

the base of the tree is all on 1 tile, but the leaves overhang. This counts as only 1 tile.
2 weeks
-Do not post your image in this thread. PM me the image.
-Submit 2 images. The first image should be just your map. The second image is of your tiles all separated out, and the pallete with the alterations you made. Make it obviouse which colours you changed.
-How well the tiles fit together
-depth variation
-varied land types within image (water, air, ground, cliff, etc)
-overall composition
Saturday Feb24 - 7am GMT
Friday Feb23 - 12am/midnight (mountain standard time)
(these are the same times, just depends on where you are in the world).

If there are any questions feel free to ask, and ill answer.
Please scroll through atleast these first 2 pages, I answered alot of questions that may help.
Updated the rules though with the latest rule amendments

Duel 1
Snake VS 9_6


Duel 2
SolidIdea VS Lawrence
WINNER: SolidIdea


Duel 3
Mirre VS GNdestroyer


Duel 4
The B.O.B. VS Feron
The B.O.B.:


Duel 5
Souly VS Snader

NOTE: Souly didnt post an entry, and Snader is dropping out. This position went to the runner up, 9_6.

Duel 6
Buloght VS .TakaM
WINNER: Buloght


Duel 7
Blick VS Sherman Gill

Sherman Gill:

Duel 8
PKmays VS Filax

Thats all the entries and duels. I didnt present them in any fancy way because they are all different sizes.
I didnt post the tiles, but if anyone is interested I can post a link to them.

Archived Activities / Pixelator: RESULTS (round 1)
« on: January 22, 2007, 04:34:50 am »
Hello hello everyone
The time has come you have all been waiting for.
The announcement of the duels and the first challenge.
Here is the duel chart:

Bottom half is only the list of challengers and their battle icons, not the duel matchups. For rankings and duels, refer to the top part of the chart
(for those who do not have a custom battle icon, feel free to post one for me to change.)

First Place: $25
Second Place: $15

Courtesy of Ensellitis and Feron (paypal)

Challenge 1: MONSTERS

Create an image of a monster or creature.
No bigger than 100x100
No more than 32
Restrictions / Rules:
- Dont create a monster that already exists. You are allowed the general idea, such as werewolf, dragon, etc but dont make one that already exists in a movie, game, comic, etc. (Remember, creativity counts)
Quote from: EXAMPLE
Here's an example: you can draw a pheonix, and that would be fine, because a pheonix is not a trademark monster of any specific company or anything like that. the monster is based on mythology and has many takes. you CAN'T, however, draw something like a chocobo, that would be ripping off Final Fantasy.
-No posting in any of the forums for help. This will mean an automatic disqualification
Do not post your image in this thread. PM me the link to your image
Colour choice - if your colours are interesting, if you make good use of your colours
Quality - any stray pixels, clean lines, if it looks finished opposed to a rough sketch
originality - how creative it is, how much it breaks away from the standard monsters most are used to
technique - if there are different techniques used effectively, how well the techs are used in blending and texturing, more than just flat or pillow shading
overall composition - how well the image looks as a whole.

This challenge is left fairly open to interpretation and creativity so that you are able to use whatever techniques you are most comfortable with. This challenge is set simple for you to create an entry without much restrictions or rules to give you the best chance to move on. Each challenge will progressively get harder.

please do not update the chart anymore. The only images i will allow to be posted here, are updated battle icons. This way it keeps things simpler and cleaner, by just referring to this first post.

Challenge has ended

Note: Despite some of the entries breaking a few of the rules/restrictions, we still decided to judge...

Snake VS Opacus

Delgneith VS 9_6

Akzidenz VS SolidIdea

Lawrence VS Evil-Ville

Ryona VS Mirre

Khris VS GOODNIGHTdestroyer

The B.O.B
The B.O.B. VS Xion Night

MOD VS Feron

Souly VS ZoSo

Snader VS Mccow28

(however... snader animated, so this is his real submission)

Rerg1 VS Buloght


Rydin VS Blick

Sherman Gill
Kubol VS Sherman Gill

GodSlayer VS pkmays

Filax_666 VS Stwelin

(if i accidently mixed up your submissions please let me know. I tried to keep all these correct, but i may have made a mistake.)

These are all the submissions.
There are a few broken rules in some of the images, but i havent taken any out or disqualified anyone yet.
These are all the duel matchups.
Judging will take place shortly - and hopefully we will have your results up soon.

and just for fun.
1 extra entry that we werent counting on. submitted by ChrisDaPixelMan

(this will not count towards the competition. please, do not send a submission if you are not apart of the challenge)

Archived Activities / Pixelator: FULL
« on: January 18, 2007, 01:59:47 am »

Hey everyone,

Im setting up a new challenge.

This challenge will consist of only 16 people.
After 16 people have signed up I will randomly divide everyone into pairs. These pairs however, (unlike the secret santa) will not be creating a gift for one another. Rather you are 'competing' in order to move onto the next round.
This challenge will be setup in a bracketed elimination format. Winner moves on, looser is eliminated.
With 16 people, this means there will be 4 rounds until a winner is announced.
winner                 _________|_________
round4         ____|____                 ____|____
round3     __|__       __|__         __|__       __|__
round2  _|_    _|_   _|_   _|_    _|_   _|_   _|_    _|_
round1  |    |  |    |  |   |  |    |  |    |  |   |  |    |  |    |

Each round will be 2weeks long. At the start of each challenge I will announce the topic and you will have to create an image that relates to the given topic. Once the image is completed, to submit it, PM me the link opposed to posting on the boards. A team of judges will look at each piece and determine a winner for each round. I will then show all the duels with the images and who won.

The judges for this are:

The 'judges' will look at each image to see quality, technique, overall composition, colour choice, and originality. Therefore the more creative the idea you have, and the more time spent is a better chance of moving on.
If you do not submit an image within the 2week period, you will be disqualified and the opponent will automatically move on.

To join, in your post please say "IM JOINING"
I will take the first 16 people only.

If there is any questions, feel free to ask

EDIT: Due to high enthusiasm I will take 32 contestants now and up it to a 5th round.
List of Participants COMPLETE
-The B.O.B.
-Sherman Gill
-Xion Night

Pixel Art / Update + Playing with techniques
« on: September 27, 2006, 03:20:59 am »
Please scroll down

General Discussion / AIIGHT
« on: September 19, 2006, 11:16:57 pm »
just wanted to say
awsome job on the forum skin
and getting it back up online

nice to see were still kicking

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