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Pixel Art / Pocky Love Edit:// finished?
« on: September 21, 2005, 09:45:54 pm »

28 colours + transparency.

i wasnt specifically aiming for a low colour count so if you think 28 is too high..sorry :/. I'm bad at that i gues.

I used black for parts of the outlines, I hope it looks okay x_o. If not, how can i fix it?

btw that is milk pocky that she is holding, which they no longer make ;_;. RIP my beloved.

uh, and the purple thing is a torn bunce stuffie. I dont know why I put it in there lol.

Bunce= haha



OKAY so thanks to some useful cnc I -think- I'm done? Maybe not but i hope haha xD;.

from my last edit down the page there, I've fixed the foot/shoe/leg angle (hope it looks okay now. If it doesnt, tell me and i'll work on it more x_x;), aswell as reduced the colour count by 1 more so that i now have 15 colours.

@Helm: I took away the useless grey and replaced it with the dark blue i used to outline the coat. blocky black, but still no 'wasted' colour =p. I don't think it looks too bad with the blue.

so yes, any more cnc ppls? o_o;;

Pixel Art / Random thingers
« on: September 17, 2005, 10:07:18 am »
Blehh..I wasn't going to post cause i feel akward showing my stuff among all the giants here x_o, but panda wouldnt stop poking me about it rofl.

Some of you probably already know me, or have seen me around here and there I guess.

I don't have much thats new as i've been moving but i have a few things from the past 2 or so months.

Done for the totem pole project on DA but..i was misinformed as to when the due date might be so i missed it since I was moving :/. Palette and cylinder base were made by ryan-gfx ofcourse.

Done just to see if i could do anything iso x_x;.

one of my very -few- animated things, lol. I dislike making animations..i dont have the mind for it i guess.


The rest of these are what some would call 'dolls' i guess :/. I know a lot of pixellers don't like them but I enjoy making them from time to time and for the most part use my own 'bases'. So yeah if you dont like dolls, it doesnt matter, i dont need to know that lol. It's still all pixelled. And yes i know the anatomy is off on them, they arent supposed to be that realistic, heh.

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