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2D & 3D / LowPoly motorbike club - "Edge Splitterz MC"
« on: October 11, 2011, 02:44:14 pm »
I just recently discovered this awesome shrine of pixelart and lowpoly, so I decided to go for it and post something of my own too!

I love low poly stuff, pixelart and cool lookin' choppers. Whaddaya get from that?

Low Poly motorbike club, of course!  ::)

So this is my initial version of the biker. I was aiming for Nintendo DS looks (not necessary for the specs of the console, my model might be a tad too "high poly" for it?), and more specifically for the GTA: China Town Wars -kinda look. I am going to revisit the model and make some updates & changes to it, and after that I am going to build some sort of scene around it.

Updates to be made:
  • Re-model the small skull on the rear fender (and texture it correctly, now it seems the be missing the texture for some reason..)
  • Change biker guy's texture a bit, especially his facial area. Might need to remodel the head anyway
  • Remake the club embelem, possibly..? Forgot to add it to the backside of the biker's vest :x

Bike: 385 faces (735 tris) + 128^2 texture

Rider: 186 faces (330 tris) + 128^2 texture

Tools used: Blender + PS.

C&C welcome! I want to know what you guys think of it and how would you improve it?

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