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Hey all

I'm making a game, along the lines of Minecraft, but 2d (similar to Terraria I guess). Side-view (mario style).

Given I'm much more of a programmer than an artist, I'd like to have someone else do the art for the project.

I'm happy to pay for the work (by negotiation over email).

So I'll be needing things like:

- terrain tiles (16x16)
- sci-fi objects
- robots
- turrets
- creatures
- people in powerd armor / small mech suits

... and that sort of thing. If you can't do all of it, but can do some, that's fine - I'm happy to work with multiple artists.

You can contact me (preferably) by email, and also on the forum here. It'd also be great to see some of your work, if you have a portfolio, or even just some previous work to show me, I'm easy :)

Email address -


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