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Pixel Art / [C+C] First Mech
« on: February 10, 2015, 09:50:21 pm »
Alright, after much editing I finally finished the body with very basic shading. The angle of the gun in the right hand is very screwed up as well as the hands. Main things I'm looking for is the perspective of the mech, a lot more detail will be added later on as well as extra shading and colors. I left the outline black in order for people to see stepping a lot better to point out mistakes and etc. Probably a lot of indistinguishable faces as well, especially under the visor. I've been working on this for a bit so I didn't get around to finishing the shading yet.

Pixel Art / First Mugshot [C+C]
« on: December 26, 2012, 10:10:25 am »
Made my first mugshot the other day, It still needs some work but this should show the basic outline of what I'm going for.

Pixel Art / Sand Tiles and Tiling?
« on: December 06, 2012, 09:33:43 am »
So, one of the first things you learn about pixel art when talking about tiles is breaking the tile. This general means that you place pixels on your turf (whatever size it may be) to carry onto the next tile. (Unless I'm completely wrong with that assumption) This partially hides the fact that you are using a tile over and over again, but how exactly does this apply to sand?

I did a sand tile based off of something Grimsane did a while ago:

Which makes it strange though, is that waves in the sand are more defined than a blade of grass. So what exactly do we do in situations like these? Would a simple solution is make the wave a bigger (64x32) and simply do several different waves and make them overlays to be placed on the sand?

Portfolios / Relatively new Pixel Artist (Still in Training)
« on: October 17, 2012, 01:41:38 am »
Artist:David Roberts

So I have a little bit less than a year under my belt in terms of Pixel Art, I officially didn't start learning pixel art until I started posted and being more active in the community (About January.) I grew up in the 90's where Pixel Art was extremely popular in games. I've always been fascinated with game design and I've been looking for some projects to do in my spare time when I'm not at work or working on my own projects.

Money isn't important to me since I'm already able to sustain my living conditions as well as buy more than what I need since I moved to Seattle. This being said, I would be known to take on free work from time to time, though I am not all that willing to devote too much time into a project I'm not getting paid for, mind you I am helping you but you are also my competition since I am an independent game designer.

That being said here are a couple of pieces I have done in the past year or so, Pixel Art as well as GFX that I have done for myself or other people.

Capabilities: I'm pretty much capable of every aspect of pixel art when it comes to top-down. I have never done any Isometric, or Mugen style sprites before, but eventually I would like to get into those, though not Mugen specifically.

Availability: UNAVAILABLE







Skill Cards:



Pixel Art / 2D Puzzle Platformer
« on: September 20, 2012, 11:37:33 pm »
Did a bit of work on a 2D Puzzle Platformer and I did the first rough draft walk cycle, which is:

There are a couple of problems with the animation, one thing I can see is the feet never leave the ground...

General Discussion / What exactly is 8-bit?
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:05:27 pm »
I'm probably repeating something that has already been posted here but I'm not quite sure as to what exactly is defined as 8bit. I know Super Mario Bros. 3 and etc are 8bit, but why are they? I know those games are more than 1 byte of code. Does it have something to do with colors?

General Discussion / Mobile platform to Computer platform
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:49:33 pm »
I saw a topic on here earlier about how we should post our work in 1x and that we as pixel artists enjoy seeing it in 2x because we love pixels. But what about a mobile device? My phone, same with others, don't have a lot of space for pixels while my computer screen has nearly double. If I were to leave the player at 32x32 it would work well with a mobile device, but for a computer there would be a lot of negative space. Should I increase the player to 96x96 or should I keep the 32x32 aspect and work with the negative space? (Granted there is a lot of negative space at 96x96.)

Quick Example of roughly my screen resolution



Or do I just do 32x32 then scale up to the screen resolution the user has on their computer? (Could be awful with people who have giant screens)

So I saw a picture on another thread that explained the uses of Isometric and Topdown, but are there any other uses of Sidescrolling besides fighting games? I know Castlevania is a Side scroller but what about a 2D Tower defense game? I've seen top down tower defense, I don't think I've seen isometric tower defense games...

Pixel Art / My First Walking Animation, please help! [C+C]
« on: July 22, 2012, 03:11:28 am »
So this is totally my first walking (and animation) in general! :o Normally I bother Atnas with these things because whenever I post a topic no one responds to it :'[ But he's afk so I'm posting it here!

So this is the base I've created and plan on using for a top down RPG.

Now the problem is that I've never done animation I'm going to need a lot of help as well as a lot of dumbed down terminology. As you can see I only did the thighs up because I don't understand exactly how to animate the legs at this point (I was walking in my bathroom to try to figure it out and figured out the frames.) So what I did instead of doing the legs I worked on the torso turn and wanted to know what you guys thought and could help me on. I know there should be a slight head turn but I don't know how to make it slight :/

Pixel Art / Lost Soul (WIP Steam Game) [C+C PLEASE]
« on: May 18, 2012, 11:50:06 pm »
The game is still currently under development and a lot of things story wise are not settled yet. Basically you'll be playing in a 2D version of Hell. But Hell is a much nicer place than what you would think it were. The king of Hell, Mr. Bossman and his wife Mrs. Bossman allow for comedic relief as you spend your time trying to figure out exactly how you died by journeying to different portions and biomes of Hell. Completing quests and killing hell demons as well as gate keepers in order to retrieve bits of your memory.

As I said, the game is going to be in 2D and, hopefully, bought through Steam, All graphics shown are not final but are close to what they will be like in game. You will be able to customize your characters with various items in the game to help you along on your journey. (These are still begin designed)

Character Skins:

Graphic User Interface:

QUICK QUESTION Should I stick with an unsaturated and darker tone for the world, or go with a saturated world that will be ironic to the main story but compliment the humor aspects of the game?

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