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Pixel Art / Ophelia - Need Advice on Foliage
« on: May 02, 2021, 08:17:28 am »
Hi all! It's been a little while. I've been doing smaller pieces since my last post, generally for Pixel Joint weeklies, and I didn't feel I had much to offer crit-wise with a lot of recent posts. That said, I'm pleased to see that Pixelation seems to be a bit livelier than it was last year and I'll try to contribute more.

I'm currently working on a piece that I started back in 2008. It was going to be the first thing I posted here when I originally intended to get into pixel art, but I wasn't able to finish it and, for various reasons, I didn't do any art for a decade until I joined here last year. I started it in my teens as an homage to J W Waterhouse's Ophelia, which is one of my favourite paintings. At the time I didn't just want to do a study, so it's my version of it (although the subject is the same, so it's intended to tell the last moments of her story from Hamlet).

My intention is to finish this for Thursday 6th (fortunately I'm off work quite a bit before then) to mark a year of being a Pixelation and Pixel Joint member. All of this is WIP but I mostly feel okay about plugging away at it except for the foliage. I can't find a method that looks quite right. Here's the version that I think is looking best:

Ultimately, the more distant foliage that I've done in blue will use the same style as the nearer parts, but I haven't had time to fill that in and I'm already doubting that this is the right look.

An earlier version with a different, and I think even worse, approach is here.

Over the past year, I feel I've learned that I want a simple approach (i.e. easily recognisable forms, nothing too detailed to distract from the subject, and nothing noisy) and also something that shows some intention behind it, but landscapes are very much not my thing.

Here are a couple of references that have a similar look to the one I'm going for: one / two.

Like I say, there's a fairly tight deadline for this which is why I'm looking for such specific advice. I am always interested in broader crits, but I may not be able to implement everything this time round (and I've already had a round of feedback on an earlier version over at the PJ Discord). There are some things which I'm married to at this stage: the overall composition isn't changing (I will add in some leaves for the trees once the ground cover is sorted), and adding colours might be a bit awkward this far in.

If anyone's interested, this is how it looked in 2008.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Sarah Connor (Terminator 2)
« on: June 23, 2020, 02:32:34 pm »
I'm working on a picture of Sarah Connor as she appears in Terminator 2 but I'm struggling to capture actress Linda Hamilton's likeness.

I'm only worried about the face at the moment because I'll work on the hair and body once I've got a better likeness. I've tried sketching directly from some of the images below and I can get them to look like her, but this three-quarter view is infuriating because her jaw is quite wide, but the front of her face is quite narrow.

If anyone has any comments about the palette then they would also be appreciated because this is my first time coming up with one. Hopefully it's clear what I was going for a pinkish light behind her and off to the side with a general blue light that's more diffuse and distant on the other side.

I'm not specifically basing it on any one reference but, the longer I've struggled, the more I've leaned on the top left image in this collage of reference images I've put together:

Pixel Art / Ellen Ripley (Gameboy Palette)
« on: May 06, 2020, 03:37:08 pm »

New pixeler here, looking to become part of the community and learn what I can! I have always had an interest in art and it's something I did for school and for fun until I went to uni and stopped (some time ago, now). I've also had an interest in pixel art for a long time and have decided to use my lockdown time more productively by producing some art and learning how to improve.

Here's a portrait I did of Ripley from Alien. It's based on the source photo on the right. I'm not too worried about the fact I've stuck so closely to the reference as my main goals were learning how to work with a restricted palette and how to render and imply forms and details at the pixel level.

I will attempt to improve this based on any critique I receive. Here are a few notes regarding areas I struggled with and some (questionable?) decisions I made:

The palette has a big jump in it between the second darkest shade and the next one along. The 'elongated' dithering was intended to ease transitions between these colours while evoking scan lines for that retro sci-fi feel, but other areas feel slightly wrong where dithering wasn't possible. The lips seem a bit too full in my version, for example, but I feel I've removed as much of the darker shades as possible without the mouth not reading properly.

I feel like the watch is a complete mess, but I wasn't sure how to go about improving it after my third attempt. I can see that the section on the right doesn't match the angle from the photo, but what's more important to me is that it doesn't feel completely at home in my piece. It lacks harmony.

The wrist probably has too much dithering on it but the big jump in the palette left me feeling like there wasn't an alternative.

Thanks for looking at this. I look forward to any comments!

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