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Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#070 - Rath Character Design
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:37:21 am »
Hi all,

  So my name is reticle2020 and I'm fairly new to pixel/sprite art.  I, like many, decided to learn the art of the pixel in order to create my own game graphics.  So here I am with all you lovely people.  I decided to start with a simple character which will, hopefully, be the main character for my upcoming game.  I've decided to upload the images in the order that I drew them, a sort of "time lapse" I guess, so that if I make any mistakes you'll be able to tell me at what point I should have changed something...blah blah.

  I should mention that the game is a side scrolling platformer, similar to Mega Man or Castlevania and this is a very early concept.  Additionally this piece is 100% original drawn from scratch.

Any and all crits welcome!!!

1) I wanted to start by drawing a outline of the character but found that I was loosing the shape I wanted it always looked lopsided and weird.  Instead I started by roughing out the general shape I wanted and then fine tuning it, this created a sort of silhouette of the character.

2) Next I began outlining the character with a dark brown and then proceeded to fill in the skin...and I made some eyes, which I'm not completely satisfied with.  I shaded this part even though I didn't really need to but because parts of the character would not be completely covered with clothing I figured it was best to just shade the whole darn thing :P

3) Next I began outlining some general clothes for the character, a shirt, pants and some shoes.  And again shaded them in to complete the look.  This is the part of the process I have the most trouble with...Shading that is!  I think it turned out decently enough but it can certainly use some improvement.

4) The next step was to give the character some accessories, In the game the character has a magical gauntlet so I wanted to include this.  I tried to create a belt but didn't have any luck at all :(

5) Now the final stage I decided to give this little guy some hair.  Now hair and me are bitter enemies, even my pencil drawings suffer from hideous hair disease..but I gave it my best.

So that's it!  I'm hoping for some general C+C I aim to get better and having some talented people point out my huge mistakes is a good way to start.


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