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General Discussion / Have you been funded for a project?
« on: May 18, 2021, 09:41:27 pm »
If you have been funded for a project of yours, please post your experience here.  Questions I'd like to know are:

1. How did you get funded?  Was it through crowd sourcing like Kickstarter, family/friends, an investor, Patreon, a grant or...?
2. Was the funding enough (did you need to raise more once the project got going, etc.)
3. Did you maintain creative control over your project?  What about rights and ownership?
4. What advice do you have or recommendations for those of us who do not know millionaires and are not rich ourselves.


Pixel Art / Swordsman Dancer
« on: May 07, 2021, 08:11:12 am »


I created this character to be a swordsman dancer that entertains the king by dancing while slicing fruit and objects thrown at him with his sword.  That idea is pretty elaborate for my skill level at animation, so before I attempt it, I wanted to get some feedback on the character in general.  Particularly, if you have animation skills, do you think he's too hi-res for animation?  Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!



I spent the weekend working hard on this marching animation of a character I designed a few months ago.  All I had was the face until yesterday, but I really tried to work on style and personality.  One of my favorite games growing up was Samurai Showdown (3 and 4 mainly).  I LOVE their animation (for me, those were the best SNK games!).  Anyways, I would like to animate the character striking a pose with his sword, then attacking and going back to a guarded position.  I think for what I'm doing right now, it will be from a front-facing point of view (unlike fighting games).  So I'm looking for advice for that and how you might approach it.  Also any critiques or feedback concerning my marching animation is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Here's the link:

- ronaldaam

Devlogs & Projects / My first video game (or possibly animated film)
« on: April 16, 2020, 06:07:09 am »

Hello Pixelation!  I am at the beginning stages of working on a project for a fantasy game or animation.  So far, I have designed 128 character faces.  I would like to work with other artists to design outfits and animate these characters, so I am in the process of pursuing that.

Please view the video link above, and provide feedback, comments, criticisms, etc.  I tried to use a limited palette so I could focus most on design of the character features.  I've made pixel art in the past before, but this will be my first attempt at making a game or something with it.  Any advice is appreciated, thank you!


Pixel Art / My First Character Sprite - A Moorish Merchant
« on: April 06, 2020, 07:34:48 pm »

So this is my first character sprite.  I first rendered him in grey scale then went back and added color.  I'm using asesprite software and this is the third file I've attempted.  I couldn't figure out how to switch color modes, so I copied and pasted him into a new sprite file.  The painting on the right is the reference I used to make him.

Eventually I want to animate him dancing around and singing to get people to buy from his cart.  He's a traveling merchant so I will be adding a horse and cart eventually. 

My questions are these.  I want a minimalistic style so I don't want to add too many colors and details to describe the character.  Do you think I found that balance or would you make changes?  Do the colors work?  I really want to make the feather on the hat iconic, any ideas how to enhance it?  I'd like the character to spin around and dance and jump to a song I wrote.  Do you know of any reference sprites that I could study?  Finally, how do I make the character look less generic and more iconic?  The painting shows a lot of personality and I'd like to show personality in this character as well.  Thank you!


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