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Hi, we're looking for someone who's had some experience with Pixel Art and is interested in working on an adult-themed RPG.

(Do check out the Game Concept for screenshots & artwork -> requires some pdf viewer)
(SFW pictures only)

A brief overview of our project and who we are:

Title: Incandescent Shade
Incandescent Shade is an adult RPG game that mixes deep, character-driven stories and challenging tactical turn-based combat with explicit erotic adult content.
If you think Final Fantasy XV in a dark world with a touch of Dark Souls where the characters are way more explicit in their sexuality than you can expect in a main-stream game, then you’re probably not far off.

The game is developed in the 2D RPG Maker MV engine. (Heavily modified via plugins / javascript)

To see a more in-depth overview of the game, check out the attached game concept.

Project Status:
The game is still in an early stage. We have a good idea of what we want to do and where we want to go. Many mechanics & features have already been implemented. Due to the nature of RPGMV, it’s vital to build a working prototype before producing the main content.
We’re currently in the phase where we’re in the process of finishing the Prologue as a prototype that shows the complete range of main features.

Developers: Slaynee (Artist) & Kuraiken (Writer)
We’re two independent developers, working on the game as a part-time hobby.
Part-time, as in: we part with way too much of our time, but think it’s worth it.

This is the first big game project we’re collaborating on and while we have experience in our respective fields (Slaynee –Art, Kuraiken – Writing) and quite a bit of experience with RPGMV, this is the first time we’re tackling such an ambitious project.(!) As such, you shouldn’t expect the level of know-how or competence you can from a fully-fledged gaming studio. We’re still discovering new way to improve and organize our workflow and RPGMV inherently requires a more iterative approach to avoid repetitive tasks & problems.

•   Pixel Artist (Team Member)
        - You’re a Pixel Artist who is interested in our game and would like to join the team. You also have an interest in learning new things & helping out in other areas and participate in the decision-making.
•   Pixel Artist (Helper)
   - You’re a Pixel Artist who is interested in our game, but you’re only willing / able to help occasionally or for a limited period of time. As a result, you can only help out here and then on occasion. Or you’d prefer not to feel “tied” to a team but see where working with us leads you.
•   Pixel Artist (Trial)
   - You’re an inexperienced Pixel Artist who is interested in our game and would like to dip his toes into the water and see what it’s like to work in a team (albeit an inexperienced one). You’re not absolutely sure you can meet our expectations or whether this is something for you, but you want to give it a try.

 As Pixel Artist, you would be creating pixel Assets, depending on your experience & ability.
•   Characters, Animals, Monsters & Objects (pixel characters, not large artwork)
•   Tileset work (not entire tilesets but modifications of and additions to existing tilesets)
•   Animations (effects such as blood spurts or status effect popups)
•   Icons (Weapon, Equipment, States, etc.)

To see what the map art & pixel character art looks like, and the art style in general, check out the Game Concept attached down below (Concept Art).

Payment: Unpaid
•   The work is unpaid. It’s essential that you have goals of your own of things you can take away from working with us. (Whether it’s trying to work on a game as a team, or becoming a better pixel artist or using the opportunity to learn from our RPGMV experience)
•   The game has a patreon that will may eventually cover long-term development after we start releasing builds. If we reach the point where there is actually financial support for the game, we’re going to negotiate with the artists to see how to best move forward.
•   Given the fact that the work is primarily unpaid you should not place any hopes or aspirations on money. (We don’t either)


If you’re interested, get in contact with us.
You can reach us via reply, pm, or discord:

•   Tell us a little about yourself & your experience
•   What has you interested & motivated?
•   What are you hoping to achieve by working with us, what goals are you setting yourself?

Also feel free to check out our patreon page:

If you have any question, especially those you think could also be interesting to others, leave a reply!

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