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Greetings, I am looking for someone who is able to create 4-directional (North, East, South, West-faced) Monsters and maybe  Equipment item Icons in the size between 32x32 to 96x96 pixels, 32x32 being the norm. Price can be negotiated based on size/details of the artwork.

1.) Who am I?
I am an Individual, working for no company or anything so the work will be mostly for me and a small crowd.

2.)Tilte of the project?
 Its going to be used for a game on the "byond" platform.

3.)Description of company or project.

Well its no company behind this, just a profit free donation based game developed by a single person.
Its a Tactical RPG, semi MMO (just about 80ish players currently) where players explore the ever expanding world and roleplay their characters.
This project/Job offer aims to expand the world further by breathing more life into the world by adding new inhabitants, craftable items, Monsters, etc., by providing the artwork for it.

4.) Talent/Position requirements.

I am not extremely picky with the level of Talent, as the quality of the work is very compareable to the overworld sprites of RPG maker 2003, so thats the minimum I expect. Gladly willing to pay a bit more for better quality however.

5.) Payment.

I am up for negotiation, I am a single individual and its for a none profit based game, so you should expect a lower budget. However I am willing to look abit deeper in my pockets to compensate and support a good artist, just hit me up.

6.) Contact

Discord is usually the safest and easiest way to get hold of me: Shujin#1721
Otherwise E-mail is also possible, though I check it less frequently, so I prefer Discord.

If you need any more informations, samples of what I expect, etc. Just throw me a message.

CLOSED FOR NOW! Thanks for all applicants.

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