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Pixel Art / Astronaughty!
« on: December 19, 2009, 11:28:50 pm »
Well, in between working my butt off for work, and working my other butt off on my secret Santa project (I promise it's almost done!), I've been playing with this little project, trying to teach myself Promotion. My tile-set making skills are weak, to say the least, but I really like Promotion's tools in that area. I am not at all fond of how it works with animations. I am way too used to Graphicsgale's constantly playing preview window, and having to interrupt myself to watch the animation doesn't jive with the way I'm used to working.

Sorry about the lack of transparency behind the astronaut, I just now realized how bad he looks on a light background. I think I'll just give him an outline to protect against that, but don't have time at the moment.

Anyways, I am hoping for some harsh C&C, I want the tiles to be a lot better than they are, it's supposed to be the interior of a huge ship. The animation could also use some more work, but I'm fairly happy with it at the moment. Suggestions, anyone?

2D & 3D / Oh boy!
« on: August 05, 2009, 06:51:22 am »
So, this is pretty much my first foray in the whole low-spec 3D stuff, finished rigging it this weekend. I'm fairly experienced with high-poly stuff and all that jazz, but I'm pretty new to this. Made a lot of big mistakes in the process, but I think I learned a lot. Crits are very welcome though I might just toss this one and do a new one. Any comments will help with the next one. This was intended to be viewed from quite a distance, so if you squint or zoom out it gives you a bit more of an accurate idea of what it should look like.

Edit: Oh snap forgot the wire and the texture!
246 faces or 466 tris. About one day for the modeling and texturing, and another for the rigging and animating.

Pixel Art / The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated
« on: January 30, 2009, 03:25:18 am »
Hey all, I'm back! And alive! And pixeling! I am a bit rusty though, and I've been looking at this too long to see it objectively anymore. Please critique! It's just a silly thought I came up with a long time ago and I finally pixelled it.

Color crits are especially useful, I got a new LCD monitor and I'm not sure how good the colors are.

General Discussion / See you later, Pixelation!
« on: January 06, 2007, 10:05:14 pm »
Well, all, the time has come for me to leave. I'm about to head out on a two year mission for my church. In three days (the 10th) I'll be flying to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, and three weeks later I'll fly out again, this time to an area covering from the east half of Toronto Canada over to the far east side of lake Ontario. I won't have much access to computers aside from being able to e-mail my immediate family.

I'll miss you guys and girls a lot. Even though I didn't post that much here, I'm #10 in the list people who've spent the most time here. I read just about everything posted. :lol:

Keep up the pixeling!

Pixel Art / Takin' out the trash
« on: November 05, 2006, 02:02:25 am »
So, I was just browsing the boards a few days ago, and I noticed that someone had a pretty crappy avatar. I did a quick edit to see if I could help him out some...

Please critique heavily, I'll only cry a little.



(Once again, I apologize for rehashing something old, I do have new stuff coming, so fret not! I just felt this issue needed to be addressed.)

Pixel Art / Yoda's near the middle...
« on: November 01, 2006, 07:14:46 am »
I know it's a rehash of an old idea, and I apologize for that, but it was too much fun to stop. Been working on this on and off for the past long time.

90 colors, I really wasted a lot, but I don't really mind and I'm too lazy to go through the trouble of cutting it down.

Again, see how many you can recognize! Again, if anyone gets them all I will be totally amazed!

Correct guesses so far: (as of reply 44)
[Keen, Cop, Red Shirt, Lara, Lara, Chaplin, McDonald, Moe, Larry, Curly, Phantom, Ursula,
Kate Archer, Vader, Stormtrooper, Fett, Gaston, Homer, Ivy, Manny, Xan, Chuck Norris, Grinch,
Wilco, Threepwood, Mario, Link, The Beast, Legoman, Freeman, Master Chief, Spidey, Spawn, Osama,
Snow White, Robin Hood, Rincewind, Luggage, Merlin, Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Chun-Li, Bender, Shrek, Optimus, Kim Jong-Il,
Leeloo, Agent Scully, Purple and Green Tentacle, Jessica, Marvin, Yoda, My Avatar, No Face, Cosmo, Megaman, Moses,
Crab Zombie, Skeletor, Monroe, Gump, Terminator, Megaman X (Upgraded), Martian, Helsing, Duke, Elvis, Peach, Alyx,
Indy, Zealot, Dread Pirate Roberts, Mr. T, Twinsen, Leia, Hulk, Marvin, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Vrenna,
Jasmine, Raphael, Fife, Bloodrayne, Einstein, Depp Wonka, Mulan & Mushu, Lemming, Bride, Pillsbury Doughboy, Pink Panther, Mike,
Crusader, Jeannie, Robot from I Robot, Buzz, Hades, Samus, Necromancer, Kuzco, Holmes, Honest Abe, Jafar, Mask,
All done, nice work!

And an update, I mostly tried to address the leaning issue:

Thanks for the crits!

General Discussion / Animation Challenge #7
« on: August 14, 2006, 04:37:54 am »
Topic: "Avada Kedavra!"
Magician casting a spell.
Silhouette or lineart.
96 x 48.
Any number of frames.

As usual, feel free to post WIPs or ask questions!

General Discussion / Animation Challenge #6
« on: August 07, 2006, 12:28:09 am »
Trying a more open topic subject this time.

Topic: "Chomp!"
Open to interpretation.
Any level of refinement.
Any size.
Any number of frames.

Feel free to post WIPs or ask questions!

General Discussion / Animation Challenge #5
« on: July 30, 2006, 08:46:17 pm »
Well, last week's challenge had a better turnout. Kudos to everyone who participated! I've not gotten any other topic ideas yet, so I just made one up.

Topic: "Captain Determination goes out for a stroll."
A very determined walk cycle; a brick wall wouldn't even slow this guy down.
64 x 64.
6-10 frames.

Feel free to post WIPs or ask questions!

General Discussion / Animation Challenge #4
« on: July 23, 2006, 07:31:22 pm »
Okay, so I'm hoping this'll pick up some momentum sooner or later. Again, if you've got any good topic ideas, please PM them to me. They don't even need to be anything concrete, just a general idea of what you'd like to see would be just as useful.

Today's topic is brought to you by Lick.
Topic: "--Suddenly s/he burst into tears!"
Portrait/Facial animation again.
Lineart or rendered.
64 x 64.
No frame limit this time, either.

Feel free to post WIPs or ask questions!


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