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Pixel Art / fairly out-dated warrior animation needs some help
« on: November 24, 2006, 04:06:01 am »
Hi, I'm quite new to these boards and I guess this will be my official introduction as well.   
Usually I just paint and draw (concept design, illustration, fine art, etc) but sometimes I also do pixel graphics since me and my friend makes games ( for
fun and learning. it usually comes down to me making the graphics.. esp when our dear crew members suddenly resigns.

This is an older sprite with animation I did some time ago. I know alot of the color,light,form,design mistakes  but I would really like to get some animation tips because
its something I rarely come around doing and wish to learn more about it.



The character is for a game we called 'hero' for NDS, I did all the graphics and my friend aron did all the code. It was a castlevania looking action adventure. My first real project and it pretty much shows in the outcome. However the graphics still represent kinda where I stand when it comes to pixel skills. Usually nowdays I just resize painted work and do some final adjustments to them before we put them in a game.

Im reading a book about 2d animation but I havent really picked up anything of true value when it comes to describing motion. Mosly all that is revised and told are tools, budget plans , design notes etc. so It would be super neat if some of you had any magic tips to make animations smoother and more attractive.


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