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Unpaid Work / I'm Looking for Spriters!!
« on: October 29, 2019, 02:28:09 pm »
If you use something from these Sprite sheets please showcase it in here,
so that I can see this project grow!!
Thank You!!
Sup everyone!!!
I'm working on the Ultimate TMNT Sprites-Sheet.
But it cannot be the Ultimate Sprite-Sheet without your help!

So if you want to help me out, that would be Great!!
If you want to get payed for it PM me.
If you make these sprites.. please make them without weapons so that it's easy to make the movezZ available for the other turtles.

For example:

When you help me out, your name will be added in the credits on the Sprite-Sheet!

Here are a few (actually allot of) movezZ I'd like to see in TMNT TF Style.
If anyone is interested in making these
Mikey on the skateboard is just for fun not really necessary!

The sheets are not a 100% done yet

Leonardo sprite sheet

Raphael Sprite Sheet

Donatello Sprite Sheet

Michelangelo Sprite Sheet

And her is ShinTurTle:
Shin is based on the MUGEN turtle that wields all the turtles weapons, I redesigned him and gave him a lil back story its a lil cliche but yeah:
Shin turtle is a descended of the turtles and lives in a time when they have long passed.
He wears there bandanna's on his arms to honor his ancestors.
Lil does he know that the essence of his ancestors resides in the bandanna's.
He already trained vigorously for years to master all there weapons to height beyond his satisfaction.
Until one day he met a enemy he wasn't able to overcome, accepting his fate after defeat he reached a state of mind only a true warrior can reach after accepting his defeat..  to really want to survive and overcome your weakness.
In that moment.. just before he was about to die.. he opens his eyes.. and before him just like a moment ago where his enemy was standing stood.. Leonardo.
staring in disbelieve but feeling and knowing it is real.. Leonardo spoke only one word.. Fight!!

And that is how Shin first experienced the power of the blue  bandanna.

Shin Turtle Sprite Sheet
Shin Turtle L Sprite Sheet
Shin Turtle R Sprite Sheet
Shin Turtle D Sprite Sheet
Shin Turtle M Sprite Sheet

Credit/Special thanks to

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