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General Discussion / Swedish magazine article about Mockup Frenzy #3
« on: October 15, 2008, 01:53:41 am »
Bought the latest Superplay earlier today, and I casually flip through the pages until I get to the part that is the only reason to why I'm buying this magazine, a part where they put articles about indie games and such. I find an article about Mockup Frenzy #3, covers a bit more than half a page (with images) and I thought I'd post it here, translated, if anyone cares. Mostly because it seems to be wrong in alot of cases (feel free to correct me in case I've just missed something). It might seem a bit oddly phrased, but that's just because I'm translating it from Swedish, and I don't want to rephrase it too much in case I fuck it up more.

"Way of the pixel

Demakes is the new black, that's for certain. Way of the Pixels demake competition is actually pretty old and was started in autumn 2007, but in conjunction with The Independent Gaming Sources more recent competition with the same theme, we dig out the images from the archive. Mostly just because almost all of them are completely awesome and awakens a strong need to play games we haven't played, or ever can.

Way of the Pixel is a site for artists, where they only produce screenshots, and not the games themselves as they do at TIG. It's unique to feel that you absolutely have to find a copy of the game you see, but with your shoes tied is forced to realize that it has never existed in this form.

The rules for Way of the Pixels competition was much more pixel- and effect-based than many others. The entries were allowed only 2-bits color, tiles of sizes 8x8, 8x16 or 16x8 and so on. Therefor the goal was to create a screenshot of a port of a modern game to Game Boy-format.

The result is this gallery of coolness."

Most of the parts that matter are as word for word as they can be. The words "screenshots" and "awesome" are used as is.

While it feels nice that they (as one of two big console magazines in Sweden, this one being the lesser one) are writing something about what's going on in art communities like Pixelation, it also feels kind of wrong that they seem to care so little about getting their facts straight, and don't even bother supplying a link, something they normally do. They refer to Pixelation as Way of the Pixel.

The page also includes the mockups from the following artists:
Schu, KhrisMUC, .TakaM, Arachne, CroM, Quicksilva, Doppleganger, D.W., vpk, KAT and MaDsk8tard.

Pixel Art / Running animation - WIP
« on: March 13, 2007, 09:22:39 pm »
So, I've started my first running animation, mostly for practice so that I can get things right before making something more detailed. I couldn't find any good references on running, as you can with walking, but after watching some animations, I've put this together:

Now I was thinking about what was debated in the bruce lee-walking topic, about linear motion. Is this supposed to be applied in-code, or could/should it be in animation?

Alot of criticism wanted.


Pixel Art / [WIP] Roman
« on: November 07, 2006, 01:16:40 pm »
Long time reader, first time poster.

I've been tinkering on and off with this piece for a while:

With help and reference from tutorials at

But it's so huge, so I thought I'd do something smaller, and simpler, so with some loose inspiration of Kenneth Fejer (From his earliest kid icarus mockups, although not stylewise really, anyhow) I came up with this:

I find it cute, I sort of tried to replicate the previous pose, but I've run into a few problems:
- Shading on right arm doesn't make sense
- Hair looks like a helmet
- Low contrast
- Block hands

I don't think I want to make it too complicated, because I intend to animate it sometime, if I ever finish it, but I was hoping some of you guys had any good suggestions :)
Oh, perhaps I should add also that he's supposed to hold a shield with his left arm, and a weapon in the right :P


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