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Pixel Art / small animations for fun
« on: October 08, 2007, 09:52:06 am »
I made this animations using photoshop and image ready i would like to try out some real animation software someday though. made for fun but feel free too crit.

I love pixel and animation and i am currently going to some art school and i am trying to make myself do all sorts of stuff continuously each week and making some animations and just pixel art is going too be kept going so hopefully there will be dumpage of animations(and non animations) each week.

Pixel Art / some pixels: parafras
« on: August 09, 2007, 07:22:40 pm »
made some pixels today... they are just some passing of time and they have references too... i found the originals somewhere i cannot remember.

this is aparently a member of a band called switchfoot... something i found out after making this picture.

original:  (the one at the bottom)

this one I am not as happy with but i thought id put it up anyways since it has such a nice original


General Discussion / Bead pixeling. Join in it will be fun!
« on: January 23, 2007, 01:33:39 am »
Hello. (feel free to move this thread)

I am guessing some of you guys are fammiliar with beads if not it is plastic little tube like things you put in small pins and you can iron them so they melt together and end up looking like pixels.

I have a bunch of beads laying around and I thought I'd call for a little project I will post a pallettle here with all the colours I have (and colors i can get hold of) and you can pixel things that i make into beadwork .

depending on what you want and size i could do all sorts of stuff with it like posting it to you or any one you like free of charge or perhaps i wil (with your permission) glue it up somewhere like i did with this cat.

 I will ofcourse post photos of it here.


I have tvelve 29x29 frames and they can be puzzled around like crasy

29x29 is good since its not so big it wont take forever and all my beads to make

this is the largest rectangle i can make 87x116 I dont recomend you make things this big if you want them made soon though it takes alot of time and thay are not too easy to iron and they use up alot of beads i mean its 10092 pins.

But you can arrange them as you want like this for example

Note: if you keep to using 1-9 tiles i will be more likely to make them but feel free to make as big patterns as you want i can buy more tiles too you know.

I made a little physical palettle thing and ironed it.'

Pixel Art / Cthullhu Tamagotchi
« on: December 17, 2006, 05:44:10 pm »

i made this a while back for a call of cthulhu CCG (collectable card game) forum the game is more or less dead now but lovecraft is always cool. if you are wondering what that symbol in the down left corner is, its just some horror symbol used in the game, causing characters/creatures going insane...

C&C would be fun but not at all necessary i might change it...

something i have been wondering about allot since i started oogling around this forum is all about palette things i just choose colors of photoshops big palette with lots of bits and whatnot... i get the feeling that its not really good to have to many colors? how do i find all those old school c64 palettes?

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