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General Discussion / the Bleach DS 2nd emblem editor is quite good.
« on: February 26, 2007, 11:52:59 pm »
(sorry, no art to show off today.. just figured I'd share my find)

The emblem editor in Bleach DS 2nd is the best one I've seen on Nintendo DS so far (as opposed to the one in Tony Hawks Downhill Jam - which is the worst one), it's pretty much a fully featured pixel program on the go, the limits are 32x32 pixels and a palette of 16 colours - but you can select your own colours in the 15 bit range instead of working with a predefined palette.

Input is dpad or stylus based, and it has the most obvious tools (pen, eraser, fill, line, colour pipette, undo/redo) but even cut and paste. Seeing how some of you on this forum like to work small, I figured I'd share my find.

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