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2D & 3D / Orthographic testings
« on: November 17, 2011, 12:10:36 am »
Planning to make a quick 3d scene and do orthographic sprite stuffs... and I dunno  :crazy:

Test with some old unfinished 3d thing I made

Looks a bit decent so far. 32 colors, could lower it to 16, will probably just use 64 or 128 for the entire scene, we'll see.
Need to mess around with anti-aliasing a bit (but keep the crisp outline).

/e Please punch me in the face if this is supposed to be in Low Spec Art.

General Discussion / Looking for isometric game engine
« on: August 29, 2011, 09:01:24 pm »
Always wanted to make an isometric game. Making the assets isn't difficult, but my coding skills are only rudimentary. I'm looking for a relatively artist-friendly engine that's free, but those don't exist (or at least I couldn't find them). Might consider making a mod for a commercial game engine instead, but I'm aiming for a pretty particular graphical style, and modding a commercial game would limit the amount of people who would be able to play it. Could also use Game Maker, have some experience with that, but building 2.5D games in that is completely new for me. Any tips?

2D & 3D / A PSP-ish thing - wip dump site
« on: May 03, 2011, 11:08:08 pm »
My attention span is short, my perfectionism is borderline unhealthy and I want to get the most out of my work. This is why low-res work is absolutely perfect for me; I can get most things done in one go and still add in as much as detail as I possibly can, using very tight restrictions.

Been wanting to make a PSP-esque game for some time now, but still have no definite idea or design for it, started working on it anyway. When working on these specs I'm looking for objects that are relatively simple in shape but are still detailed, to enhance readability on smaller resolutions (but you guys already know that).

Barrett M82CQ

Entire model is with 493 triangles relatively heavy for its simple shape, but a lot of parts will be mirrored on the uvs to get the most out of the textures (streaming textures is AFAIK the biggest bottleneck on the PSP, rather than triangle count). Only textured the scope at this moment, but I'm sure I'll still edit it later on. Scope is on a single 64*32. Separate map because I might want to put it on a different weapon as well later on, so it'll have to be somewhat modular. No texture filtering.

Will post more stuff here along the way.  :)

2D & 3D / Old junk
« on: January 22, 2011, 01:34:27 am »
Sort of a supplemental introduction or something.

I sometimes beat myself up at night for deleting most of this dookie.

General Discussion / Explosions and other SFX in Game Boy games
« on: January 22, 2011, 01:10:25 am »
Bois, I'm currently planning a new personal project: a game restricted to Game Boy specifications. Something along the lines of Contra, but with an even more ludicrous story-line - think the Expendables meets Modern Warfare 2. Anyway, such a game would simply not feel right without things constantly exploding around you, right?

I could use some good examples of explosions and other effects which could come in handy when making such a game, since my spriting skills are not all that fantastic and I'd be restricted to a 4-colour palette with a limited amount of sprites (well, not really). No, I'm not going to 1-on-1 copy stuff, I always make my own content. Just need a shove in the right direction. Thanks.

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