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General Discussion / New pixel art (animation) program development
« on: August 01, 2009, 10:28:35 am »
So the lack of decent pixel art animation programs on Mac has pushed be over the edge. I'm in the first stages of developing a multi-platform tool.

I'm not really looking for feature suggestions (I've looked over happymonster's topic

What I would like to discuss is the best approach to layered animation (animation functionality will be a priority).

So I know of a few different approaches but none of them seem ideal - I've tried to conceive a hybrid but so far no luck.

Known approaches;

a/ New frame = Blank canvas = Layers only accessible on their frame of origin.

b/ New frame = All layers available.

a. This approach keeps things simple. As long as onion skinning or something similar is available its ok. But it can really slow down your work-flow if you need access to a constant layer (e.g. a background).

b. Its easy to get confused. Inexperienced users accidentally edit the look of an early frame. Can lead to far too many layers.

So does anyone use or know of a program that handles things differently? Please post a screenshot and description.

Does anyone want to help try and conceive a system? I've had some ideas but so far I think they'll just confuse new users.

Pixel Art / 1-Bit...
« on: April 04, 2009, 01:26:19 pm »

EDIT/ This post has been updated to house WIP animations

I'm working on a set of 1-Bit flash games... a compendium really. One file with 3 or so games all built on the same core game engine.

I'd like to try an open work flow and see how it goes... Basically designing, building, playing, designing... All in little chunks

Dev log:

-One button gameplay. UPDATE: Basic keyboard movement.  UPDATE: Mouse movement - spaceship has inertia.
-Single screen. Wrapping game environment UPDATE: Side-scrolling with parallax background layers. UPDATE: Single screen & scrolling with parallax background layers (level dependent).
-Basic gameplay abduct people. UPDATE: abduct and avoid projectiles. UPDATE: abduct, avoid, destroy, move objects

Game play mockup:

You'd be amazed what a different the larger spaceship makes - so much more fun... you feel all powerful.


Everything is  inspired by games of my youth - played on a Mac Plus. Dither patterns are mostly the ones I played with years ago in MacPaint...

Pixel Art / The female face
« on: February 25, 2009, 11:34:26 pm »
i'm more than a little frustrated with this now. i think this perhaps stems from the fact that i've never been able to render the female form well -probably because no ladies ever volunteered for life drawing... anyway

here's the basics of what i'm trying to achieve: i need to produce a female character's face in a style matching an earlier work, the male character. intended use is 300%.

i just can't seem to get it looking female in an attractive way...

also just started work on a background (quite wip but construction pointers really appreciated). i'm hoping its about ready to go in with details. eg posters, table legs, wood textures?

ps hello, i'm back from 3 months on the transsiberian!

Pixel Art / Style Imitation Portraits 7.3/15
« on: January 02, 2008, 05:36:49 pm »
So I decided it was time I dedicated some time to improving my pixel skills.

I've set myself a challenge for January: a pixel self portrait every two days... Hopefully this will kick me into gear.

Each portrait will be based on a selected, and referenced, artist's work.
I intend to emulate the selected work's style - to keep things simple (and easy :D) I will work with the same palette and size restriction.
I will always include a WIP and a real brief write up.

Crits, edits, and anyone willing to join in very welcome.

Artist: Joshua Unknown :'( (maybe someone can help me out here?) thanks Cow
Colour count : 9 (Originally 10 but I decided to ignore what I think is an accidental black shade)
Size: 62 x 80

Approach: very loose tablet beginning.
Style notes: emphasize asymmetry.
Difficulties: eyes of the correct racial background. hair highlights. strong 3d form definition.


by Joshua

status: scrutinising


Artist: Monsoon2d
Colour count : 14
Size: 90 x 74

Approach: colour blocking.
Style notes: symmetrical, flat paper box.
Difficulties: silhouette fitting style and long hair...

by Monsoon2D

=> => =>
status: complete


Artist: Ikke
Colour count : 11
Size: 32 x 32

Approach: line art.
Style notes: symmetrical with limited exceptions bold & strong definition.
Difficulties: maintaining bold definition and likeness(ish)

by Ikke

=> => =>
status: complete


Artist: Helm
Colour count : 10
Size: 100 x 100

Approach: ?
Style notes: wide pixels - this might be an issue with photoshop... NB
Difficulties: optimum use of palette

by Helm

=> = >
status: wip


NB. Anyone interested in using photoshop to produce a wide pixel piece here's the method I used improved by Ptoing.
1/ Create a new document with half the intended outcome width (in this case 50x100 [100x100 final])
2/ Change to wide pixel display: Image: Pixel Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic 2:1
  When complete
3/ Change to square pixel display: Image: Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square
4/ Double the horizontal size using: Image: Image Size: & the "Nearest Neighbour" resample option. (in this case 100x100)

This lets you work in and then save as wide pixels.

Artist: Ptoing
Colour count : <need to choose a head>
Size: ? x ?

Approach: i have a wip of ptoing's Ptoing WIP. will study and attempt a similar approach
Style notes: FUN. perfect angles. no aa.
Difficulties: Implying depth while maintaining simplistic shading and strong character.


by Ptoing

=> =>


Artist: schrumpfkopf
Colour count : 14
Size: 83 x 84

Approach: super volume concentration.
Style notes: worried about dealing with these colours. but i love the palette
Difficulties: TBA


by schrumpfkopf

=> => => =>


Artist: Ptoing
Colour count : <need to choose a head>
Size: 69 x 88

Approach: taking some time to digest recent advice and familiarise myself with this unusual pallette. Starting with a greyscale image to promote thought about values.
Style notes: simple limited yet expressive shading.
Difficulties: TBA


by Ptoing

A => =>
B => or
C =>


Artist: Helm
Colour count : 17
Size: 128 x 128

Approach: thinking about values. identified a key skin tone palette and worked basic volumes with that.
Style notes: limited use of very dark darks. 'soft' shadows but still convincing depth. dither shading. grosteque.
Difficulties: TBA


by Helm

pose was too boring. concept wasn't personal...
=> => =>


Pixel Art / Super small
« on: June 01, 2007, 05:49:38 pm »
Project update

having difficulty deciding on a style to go with.... + update to main character (original resolution) (original resolution)


100% | 200%

Pixel Art / badger, pirate, and old character
« on: April 25, 2007, 10:00:57 am »

voodoo badger; tea beard; pixel will

-> ->
charlotte (any ideas on leg improvements welcome)

tea beard: beard rethink...

any crits appreciated. intended use is 200% (bottom row)

more characters to be added soon*

edit: names added

Pixel Art / Naked man character & WIP mockup
« on: February 08, 2007, 09:25:48 am »

8 Frames



Update 02/03/07
-> 8 Frames
-> 4 Frames
  -> sneaky? (rough arms) 20 Frames


should be 0r ?
(Best viewed at 200%)

Pixel Art / Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
« on: November 30, 2006, 03:01:13 pm »
Hello all,

I've decided to use this wonderful resource and ask for C&C - i think this piece is at an early enough stage to be altered but far enough along that you can see where its heading?

My pixeling background is in character and animation.  This piece is a major diversion from my comfort zone.

Please view at 2x.


Colours are near to their final resting place but palette suggestions are welcomed. (10 col's (some extras have crept in and will be removed when done) - web output so no real restriction but I like to keep things minimal)

EDIT: updated but struggling to finish

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