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General Discussion / Unity & 2d Pixel Art | Workflow Q&A Thread
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:27:07 am »
I start out with Unity and 2D Pixel Art Implementation for Games and due that i will have a bunch of  questions about that
topic on the road of learning it and instead to create several topics i would like to use this one and collect the questions/answers
which pops up over time in this Startpost so that everyone else who is struggling might find the answers he needs in this thread.

 Just to be clear, i will not be the one who is able to anwer the Qestions...maybe over time when i learned that stuff but for now
 this thread rely´s on help from the people of this community who are already into that kind of stuff. With that said, feel free to
 ask here questions about that Topic too, maybe someone can help you.

● Q&A Section WIP


I want to get into Pixel Art&Animation for Gaming in Combination with Learning Unity so i am new with all that Stuff.

The Question i have right now is about how do you handle/structure a Instance Animation which happens during a already Triggered Animation. For example the Robot below. Lets say i triggered the Jump and the Animation happens but during the Jump i fire the Weapons which should get animated too (currently no example). How exaclty do i have to structure that to have a gun fire Animation when i want to shoot while being in all these different Char Animation States?

Update - Original Size Version and Sheet

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