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Pixel Art / Okay, so I feel kinda odd...
« on: January 31, 2007, 09:26:48 pm »
I joined here to I could tell people that their pixel art rocked, and also so I could recruit spriters for my game, and... I tried to make some pixel art of my own. It's crap, it sucks, I have no grasp of anti-aliasing or dithering, so there isn't any, and the colouring is terrible, but this is seriously, my first ever pixel art.

I'd love to improve it, but I've said already, I have no idea at all of where even to start :-\. I get the feeling that it's too wide. Also, it's not shaded at all, and I've no idea at all how to shade it... the hilt is wooden, the blade is metal. Where do I start :crazy:?

Although, the silhouette ain't bad... I think.

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