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Hi all,

Those of you who read my thread in General Discussion will be aware that as part of my third year project I have to put together a playable game suitable for a PSP resolution.

So here’s a few of the current mock-ups I have for it. The colour count might still be a bit high in the background elements. The light source is supposed to be a moon in the top right but it looked a bit bad so I took it out for now.
I know they’re a bit empty right now I had planned to have more sprites to populate it but I had no idea it would take me this long.

Characters Character

Currently there’s only one but I'll show all his animations and sprite sheet. I ended up redoing this guy about 6 times in total. The run is probably a little inconsistant from the others as it's the oldest one. All in all I really should have started the dwarf first.  :y:

Sprite sheet and tile set

I’ll post these up as well

Comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated even more so on the character. I really struggled with the back muscles on this chap, and I have a feeling overdid it. Oh and death animation is temporary until I can get a better one done. I might use the first frame for a damage animation though. Oh and yes I did use a layer dissolve for the other frames. I was actually contemplating doing a Shadow of the Beast style death for him but I couldn't actually find the original animation anywhere and my Amiga is buggered.

I actually did enjoy working on this in all fairness, I think I learnt a lot about pixelart in the process. It's a pain in the backside and takes a while but I enjoy it more than I do 3D work.

Anyhoo thanks for reading.

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