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General Discussion / Pressure/opacity in pixel art
« on: November 29, 2010, 01:29:01 pm »
Hey guys, first time poster here, and i apologize in advance if this was debated, but it's a pretty hard thing to put through a search filter. I'm looking for a way to use wacom pressure sensitivity on a picture with limited palette. I use photoshop, and when i try to paint with either the brush or the pencil on an indexed color document, the software either puts nothing down (for values between 0% and 49% opacity), or the full 100% value that i have selected in the color picker. Naturally i'm not expecting transparency, since i only have one transparent value in my color palette, but being able to 'gradient' from one value to the other, through all similar values would be a godsend. I realise that I can of course fake this, by changing to rgb, painting with blended colors, and then reindexing with the same color palette as before, but it's a gigantic chore that i don't understand why i'm put in the position of doing (am i doing something wrong?).

I'm a digital artist who recently got into pixel art, and i'm really hurting because of the limitation of having to manually put down gradients instead of them automatically happening like before.

Do you guys know if there's any way to use pressure/opacity to gradient through these different palette colors, or some other software that can?

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