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Pixel Art / An artwork inspired by Uno Moralez.
« on: April 11, 2014, 03:01:35 pm »
This is a complete pixel art but any critique will be warmly appreciated.

Asia has to call it off for today, due to a severe case of runny nose.


Pixel Art / My Newest Piece & Some Unfinished Artworks (3)
« on: March 26, 2013, 02:54:42 pm »
Welcome back! Here's my newest piece and some old artworks I found rotting on my HDD...still waiting for final touches (euphemistically speaking). May you have any comments, please share your thoughts! :)

Cross Triangle Cross:

Unfinished X. Trying Something New II.

Big Iron (Unfinished),

Miss Endorphin (Unfinished).

Pixel Art / The Oregon Trail doodle, a "pixel Alchemy".
« on: April 28, 2010, 12:08:46 am »
Well, I don't really know if that's a good idea to put this thing into this section, or to show it off it at all, but I'll give it a chance.

Recently, I've been playing with the Alchemy project, and basically decided to employ some of its principles in a pixeling software. You can't really make shapes by shouting at the computer, or turning off the canvas in ProMotion (possible in Alchemy!), but what I could do is to sketch, and to sketch madly until some decent thing comes out. I remember at one point I've been making a similar thing, it's still on the forums, and then most of you said it's just too random to be considered a proper work of pixel art. What I did today's evening is this:

There's a story behind it, but I'll leave it for your own consideration. I could polish this thing until I drop dead, but I'm afraid that it would lose some of its features during the process. That it is practically not finished leaves vast space for your imagination, but isn't the brain diverted from the story by its harsh execution? There goes the hook. What would you do with such a picture, then? Waste it, try to make something out of it, or simply call it done and stop bothering? Or maybe just let it rot, and never show to anyone? :)

Waiting for your opinion and possible suggestions,
-- Johnny

Pixel Art / [fun] Cromlech (SKW)
« on: February 13, 2010, 12:11:47 am »
hi there folks!

i've just placed the last pixel in this here piece, and thought I would share it with you! :)



any feedback is always welcome! :)

have a nice day,

a composition I've got in mind while finishing Summer Leaves. . ., can't yet decide what mode it's going to be (most certainly Multicolor, since I want to retain it fully colored).


I want to capture an overwhelming emotion framed by the sea of clouds, and give it a dynamic sensation of moving forward.

in this thread we'll be going through the creation process which might be a little slow though, I'm lagging behind at work. any suggestions are always warmly welcomed!

Pixel Art / Summer Leaves, or Autumn Falls: C64 HiRes doodle
« on: October 06, 2009, 08:30:36 am »
been doodling yesterday's evening, nothing specific here really.

(please refresh)

not yet error-checked, will look nice against the black "hardware" border when I get it working on a C64 format.

I will later ask someone to take a picture of it running on the real thing.

any suggestions?

Pixel Art / THUS HAVE I HEARD. . . MSX
« on: August 01, 2009, 10:16:11 pm »
. . . at one time.

Sony MSX palette ( ), 15 unique colors, restrictions neglected and the grid not "kept to".

I really liked the colors (although the palette lacks deeper and darker hues to build proper ramps on) and so decided to give it a go. 7, maybe 8 hours of deep meditation.

It probably looks like Ptoing went crazy in places, and yes, it was inspired by his MSX attempts, but I wanted to do something less hardware dependent. I might as well do something in keeping with the restrictions at a later basis.

TEH INSPIRATION (I guess): (Metallic Monks, Fallout OST).


Critique and commentary warmly welcome!


Thank you,

Hi there!

I've just bought the full retail version of Pro Motion 6 and, I must tell you, I'm quite satisfied with it -- really, it works faster now, and a good number of some nasty bugs is now gone (like the inacurate reposition feature, problems witch undo while trying to get back to the previously resized version and such), except one thing. . .

Mainly, the alpha layer.

The thing is like this.  I'm currently working on a commercial project, as the tile artist -- so what I basically do is tilesets.  The problem is, however, that while making some natural flora elements---like, say, the trees or a variety of bushes---I need to have some transparent shadow layer underneath them -- so that they actually fit in every type of ground, soil, grass and whatnot.  This issue is, in theory, solved by introducing the alpha channel.

While working with indexed images, Pro Motion stores it in a separate file, as an additional layer.  It's not the case with some former graphics (done my an other artist), I mean, the ones that were used in the previous game the engine we're currently working with was built for.  There, the images are still indexed but the alpha channel is just another "slider value" following RGB -- and every color has its own alpha value (except the basic Red, Green and Blue variables, of course).

I don't like, then, how PM6 handles things -- it wouldn't be so much of a problem for me, but I'm afraid my employers won't be happy with it -- as that would probably require them to rewrite the program code of a ready engine just for the sake of matching this quirky restriction.

I've figured out that with the True Color images (we're still on the .PNG format), the alpha layer is saved within the image file (but not the palette, which is stored in a separate file).  My sets have to be 8-bit, though, so there's no chance of passing it by as a 24-bit image.

Is there any solution to that?  Is there a way to force Pro Motion to spit out proper images?


As it turns out, the question is solved within the range of my company's responsibilities.  They use some kind of a trick which is in turn connected with the ability of PNG images to contain RGBA values.  I've also spoken with Jan Zimmermann, the Pro Motion 6 creator, and he says there's some output filter that actually allows you to crate such an optimized palette in an indexed file.  I might edit this post again and provide you with the further solution if I obtain any,

and then the moderators may lock this thread up, I suppose.

Thank you!


First off, let me start from the background.  Just go through this post: "Moon Tarot", the latest Helm's project.  I've watched the video.  It was very inspirational to see Helm in action, and the music choice was really decent -- the right tune in the right place. . .  That speeded-up progress accompanied with some slow, gentle music in the background. . . just beautiful, so to say.  I did a little "research" on the artist (I'm a sucker for ambient/electronica/downtempo) and found out "Plume", the album with this cover:

I don't know how you see it, but for me it's just boiling with inspiration.  Now combine the mood of Helm's video and the cover art. . . ideas come up momentarily. . . and so we have this:

Intentionally, I was planning to keep it dark until finishing, and then *bang!* all of a sudden show it off in the gallery -- but plans aside.  It's C64 HiRes, ignore errors for the moment.  I'm still struggling with the construction, so it makes no sense at all to polish the piece before everything is set up right.

And yes, there's also my main problem, and the reason why I'm writing all this. . .  The plume, the smoke coming out of the stacks -- I just ran out of ideas. . . blank point, it seems I just can't set it up right.  Should I start polishing what I have now?  Any other ideas?  C&C?

By the way, if everything goes well, this one will be illustrated with a .sid tune -- a fellow demoscener is already working on the soundtrack! but *shh!* :)

Thank you!

Pixel Art / Creeping in the Shadows (optional C64 HiRes, triangles!)
« on: February 11, 2009, 10:12:20 am »
The idea popped up yesterday morning.  Sneaking ninja chick.  Great, but that sounds kinda overused, doesn't it?  Okay, maybe not that much, but still.  Triangles.  Two hundred.  Why not making a sneaking ninja chick out of two hundred triangles?  Okay. . .  Or wait.  Why not making a sneaking ninja chick out of two hundred traingles in two colors, say monochrome; say the C64 HiRes mode?  Anyone?  No?  Right on, I'll do it.  Let's hit it!

So basically I had this: and this: -- originally planning to use 100 of each type, then gone wild and forgotten about the rule (which would make the work a real PAIN in the ass, I guess!).  Nevermind.  It wasn't easy either -- because I wanted to electrify the character with an emotional charge.

Try zooming out.  It really looks like a tiptoeing woman.  If you don't get what's that all about (pixel-placement isn't random), check IT!!! out, as that may shed some light.

Here's the reference: CLICK!  Or maybe was it this: CLICK! ?

Yeah, I know I could use different colors and all that, but I didn't want to.  This is everything fresh I can pull out of the Ptoing & Helm's chunk style.  I'm still thinking of something more "revolutional" (probably there isn't much more to do with it, but still).

Please tell me what do you think!  *Any* comment or a word of critique is warmly welcomed!  I may do some minor fixes, but we'll see if there's anything to fix.  Ptoing, if you're reading this, might you maybe check how the thing works on the real C64?  Here's the compiled .PRG.  I'm curious if the shapes still will be easy to distinguish.

If you want to pick up the gaunlet, I may set a challenge.  Random canvas dimensions.  100 triangles.  50/50 smaller/bigger ratio (an 8x8 square counts as 2 big or 4 smaller ones) -- make whatever you want.  If you can't think of anything, let it be an exploding robot (give away the emotions!), or your favorite comic/cartoon hero.  Mine would be Ren from "Ren & Stimpy", or Bender from "Futurama".  Thas "Kiss my shiny metal ass!" dude, you know.

PS:  If you're able to count all the triangles found in my work, I owe you a bottle of some brand whisky!

Also, keep in mind. . .


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