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EDIT: The forum is back up.


EDIT 2: Most Recent Info

The Game Developer's Refuge is moving to, in the next couple days / few weeks.  In the meantime, just use the temp board I set up if you want to chat and stuff.


Yikes, I guess madrake got into an argument with someone or something happened and the GDR got taken down. 

Anyways, I'm a big fan of the Game Developer's Refuge, and I don't want to see this important board vanish into thin air. 

Back on topic, Mandrake posted a message that he's looking for someone to host the board.  I happen to have some extra webspace on playingwithyarn that we can use for free.  I can set up an FTP account and let one of the mods upload it / maintain it. But unfortunately, I don't have his e-mail, nor any way of contacting him.

So, I know a couple GDR people post here, and I'd like to keep everyone informed about what's going on.

Also, if anyone knows how to get in contact with mandrake, let me know.

EDIT: I just realized mandrake registered on the board, and he gave an e-mail.   ;D

General Discussion / Official NyanNyanKoneko Campaign Thread
« on: November 11, 2005, 11:20:38 pm »
Why Vote for NyanNyanKoneko?

A) No Drama!
I believe in free speech, but drama doesn't help anyone.  I promise to do all I can to minimize drama the amount of drama on the board while maintaining Pixelopolis's high level of intellectual exchange.

B) Minimal Interference!
You have a right to free speech!  It's not the governing body's place to dictate what you can and can not say, nor should it edit posts unless absolutely necessary.

C) Encouragement!
I believe we should encourage new people to post here by creating a welcoming environment and plenty of opportunities to draw.

D) Capability!
As a programmer, I have the skills and dedication to maintain and add to the software of this board. 

About NyanNyanKoneko
I'm a 25 year old programmer from California.  I currently attend UC Riverside where I major in English.  I enjoy writing video games, drawing pixel art, and composing music.  Outside of computers, I enjoy reading, flying (I fly a Cessna 150), and outdoor sports.  I have served as a moderator on several other boards and IRC channels. 

Pixelopolis is one of the most important board on the Internet and on the the cutting edge of the modern artistic movement.  I feel we should all treat Pixelopolis as the important website it already is, and not just another chatting forum.

What are some of NyanNyanKoneko's ideas for improving Pixelopolis?
I would encourage the creation of online tools to make the exchange of pixel art even easier.  For example, we could come up with a cooperative pixeling java applet, so two people can easily edit a single image without sending it back and forth.

Often newbies don't know where they can upload their pixel art.  By either enabling uploads on the forum, or by designing an upload site on another sever, we can make the process of uploading our art even easier.

Of course, anything we add has to have the approval of all the artists on Pixelopolis.  So, before making any changes to the board, I would suggest holding a vote, open to all members of Pixelopolis.

Please feel free to ask additional questions below.

I appreciate your support in the upcoming election.

EDIT: I changed the subject.  Look below for the rules.  If you want to see a game made, let me know and we'll do it.

Sorry for the long hiatus.  School just started and I got sick.

Anyways, I have good news!  Tomarrow begins the retro remakes 2005 competition.  I thought someone here might want help out doing art or music (it's fun getting your art into an actual game.)  I'll help with art and what-not too, but I should really focus on doing the programming.

Anyways, I haven't picked a game to remake yet (I'm thinking about Kid Icarus though).  So if you want to help out, maybe we can remake a game you really want to do, like Animal Crossing or something.   ;D


Pixel Art / My first pixel sprite.
« on: August 17, 2005, 07:40:20 pm »
Today I made my first pixelled character!  It's Kirby!

I'm the opposite of an artist, in fact I'm a programmer, but I am certainly reading up and hoping to learn.   8)

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