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Pixel Art / Understanding how to approach pixel art [ FEEDBACK ]
« on: May 10, 2019, 09:37:22 pm »
Hey there!  :P

I'm new to this forum (though stalked it for many years), currently working on a pixel art game project. The animator working on the project mentioned i need to get feedback from other pixel artists instead of non artists, which is something i haven't actually done before, ^^ mostly insecurity reasons, like majority who feel afraid to post lol.  But gonna try let go of that way of thought.

Anyway i'll get to the point.

I've been struggling with this notion that pixelart needs to be "pixel perfect" in design.
-- i know i have to consider factors like execution and experience to get the right aesthetic and balance. However people seem to like when i don't take the pixel perfect approach and sorta half freestyle/half clean approach to the pixel art i do.

 I'm wondering what are your thoughts about this, as pixel art practitioners?

The more "clean" and crisp pixel art is, make for a better executed design or just naturally developing what you normally do can work, because people don't see the difference.

(sprites that i would consider finished as i can't see what more to add as of now, but i get the " They'll look good when it's done) Which leaves me stuck.

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