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General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread
« on: June 22, 2011, 09:21:37 pm »
But that's besides the point. Anyone remember Skullgirls? Alex Ahad posted here a few years ago about it, and now he's assembled quite a team of buddies to help him with the animations, and I can't wait to look at them up close and personal, because the videos they show of them are absolute diabetic eyecandy to look at

Skullgirls is gorgeous!  Didn't know the guy popped up on here before, that's awesome.  I found a few behind-the-scenes clips on GameTrailers that show some artsy/design stuff...the hand-drawn sprites look a lot slicker than the pixel art ones he had and I like that they're pushing tech with the palette swapping layers, I don't think anyone has done that yet.


Still alive, eh?  I'll send more ninjas.

Honestly I feel more and more the reason we stick with pixelart comes down to nostalgia...if it isnt expanded to things like ascii or modular art, vectors and whatnot it seems like there's no more appeal in it...I havent been thinking "pixel-perfect" for a while anyway, so maybe I'm not one to talk :p

For the mobile market, with all the different screen sizes and stuff, I'm finding working with large hand-drawn art that I can just shrink down is really versatile for planning to port to various devices.  With pixel art you have to scale up 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. which can take a lot more juggling around to fit everything.  I love pixel art visually, and I like the limits because they force you to think "what's the most efficient way to depict this?" but aside from doing some League of Evil pixel art down the road for a friend I don't know if I'll be doing any pixel art least on iDevices.

I'm finding a lot of the stuff I learned through doing pixel art helps my hand-drawn stuff.  I do the same blobby/sketchy rough animation stuff I did for pixel sprites and I'll separate parts of the sprite like the head and copy/paste it to new frames to use again or tweak slightly to keep things consistent.  I also find it easier for me, personally, to scribble out an animation really small (not cleaned up or anything), then scale it way up and retrace it hand-drawn.

Welcome Tsugumo! glad you're getting down to busyness and releasing your own games and stuff...this is Camus BTW :p. You should put back up that little priest sprite you used to have way back when, it's so iconic to me =).

haha hey man!  I think I still have that sprite somewhere...I was actually planning to use him in a future game.  Part of starting my own stuff up is that I can finally use oldschool characters I used to doodle and put them into a game.  I've got a hand-drawn revamp of Kyodai from TheGame that I'm dying to make some kind of action game with.  Right now I have to market the crap out of Elusive Ninja though, I didn't have my laptop or a decent internet connection while I was at E3 so I'm playing catch-up on the marketing.  It's a ton of work to do solo, so I'm working pretty much 24/7, but it's worth it.  :D

You guys remember the first time we considered pixelation having a banner? :p I submitted this..heheh I was pretty crazy about those two sprites =)...looks kinda passive agressive in retrospective but I didnt mean that XD

haha awesome.

- Tsugumo

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread
« on: June 04, 2011, 12:02:31 pm »
I always liked to think you were here the whole time, it's just that we couldn't hear or see you because you're a ninja stalking the shadows.

haha I lurk sometimes just to see how the pixel art world is doing. And, you know, to assassinate the occasional unsuspecting victim or two.

Anyone going to E3 this year?

- Tsugumo

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread
« on: June 04, 2011, 04:33:14 am »
Hey, all!  Tsugumo back from the dead here, but unfortunately not in a very pixely form!

Been busy taking a business course and getting an iPhone dev license and working on a game that should be going live this Sunday.  I've been documenting the progress of it over at Bulletproof Outlaws with pretty much 100+ days worth of daily updates.  Derek of Ravenous Games (who made the pixel intensive League of Evil for the iPhone) did the programming.

It's all hand-drawn and "3d cel-shaded to look 2d" art because the iDevices are powerful enough to push some pretty large graphics around and I wanted to try making something anime-ish, though I haven't left pixels forever...I'll probably be doing some pixel art for a League of Evil update down the road!

Here's the trailer:

And here are some screenshots:

It's not pixel art but I figured I'd pop in and let you guys know that I'm not dead yet, I'm just too busy to have much of a message board presence anywhere.  :)  Good to see the place is still running and doing awesome, and that some familiar names are still around.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / RPG tileset mock-up
« on: March 14, 2007, 07:39:09 pm »

took about 9 hours from scratch...not for anything in particular, just hobby stuff.  Haven't done tiles in a while so I'm seein' if I still have the groove haha

colors were a pain...I started out by having grass bright, bushes dark, it was all pretty gross looking.  Spent a solid hour tweaking colors until it clicked for me, how to get leaves to stand out from grass and dirt to stand out from grass and then it all just flowed.  w00t w00t.  I find initial colors are hard to choose sometimes, but once you have a solid set, all the rest of the new colors you introduce are based off the original scheme so they're easier to put in.

To make the tree top I took the bush and stamped it a bunch of times haha so lazy, but I like how it worked out, go figure.  Had to do a ton of touch-up to it.  The tree itself is like, 18 colors I think.  something like that.  Worth it though, I originally had a flat looking tree-top with like 5 colors, but there wasn't enough upper/lower light/shadow variation to make it feel 3d, so I overlayed solid darker colors then grabbed those chunks and color reduced it automatically so it'd be a low # of colors.  hard to explain, I can do up an example sometime if anyone's curious.  big time saver. - massively useful for anyone who hasn't seen it.  I went through a bunch of RPG shots for inspiration/analysis on how they chose their colors.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / Re: Mage Knight art-dump, lots of sprites & info
« on: March 06, 2007, 02:17:03 pm »
It doesn't have to be exactly the same in each view. The differences make it look more natural.

My thinking on it is two things:

1) with a "side" animation like steam, sparks, misc little stuff, if you keep them in the same place on the character through all 3 angles, there are only 2 unique puffs of steam total coming out of the guy as a character...but if you have them in different places on each angle, then that's like 6 unique puffs.  So it kind of gives more unique animations to him.  It would be similar to, say, having a guy with a long trailing Ryu style headband running left and right, and on the left run his headband flows in one motion and on the right run his headband flows in a different motion.  Just something to add a little more variation in the animation.  It's not something anyone really pays attention to unless they see the frames side by side like this, it's just psychologically you think "ya that has a lot of animation"

2) art-wise it's just a balance...if in the side view, there's a lot of space in front of him, then I'm going to make the cloud poof come out of like, his knee, and rise up in front in that empty space.  if in the back view there's a lot of space behind him, then I'm going to make that cloud poof come out of his ankle to fill that space.  I guess it could be like that Disney animation rule of making a character look good in silhouette form so you never have him doing stuff in front of him, always do it off to the side so it's obvious what's going on...keeping the cloud poof at the exact same point on the exact same frames might look good on the side view but cover half of his sword or something in the front view.

also I didn't totally notice when I drew it heh...but it's not something I pay attention to usually for these 2 reasons, unless I'm specifically asked to make the character exactly consistent in all directions.

Also, I totally know what you mean about red. I always thought it might have been my inexperience. Good to know red just doesn't work that way

good, glad someone else has run into it, is a really weird color in pixel stuff.  Capcom always uses super intense red for like, Ryu's headband and stuff...that's why I did it for the ninja turtle looking guy in MK.  just RGB: 255/0/0 but I don't get why exactly.  something to do with how it shows up on a screen I guess.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / Re: Wanna Wrestle?
« on: March 02, 2007, 02:38:47 pm »
I don't know what this stigma is against the "Black Line" ? IMHO It sometimes suits a piece better.

ya, I dig the black outline on these brings the style together.  Sort of like how Capcom's Bengus artist guy will sometimes throw a big thick black outline around his character portraits...sometimes it's just a style thing.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / Re: The B.O.B.'s Dump...sorta
« on: March 02, 2007, 03:21:40 am »
Love this thread...that first sheet of characters rocks.  I dig the colors and designs and everything...I'd shit myself if I had to animate them, but they're sweet to look at.  :)

Also the tentacle guy is stylin'...I've always wanted to do a tentacle character animation just for practice but haven't gotten around to it yet.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / Re: Mage Knight art-dump, lots of sprites & info
« on: March 02, 2007, 03:14:16 am »
Hey zoggles had a part of that old thread, he sent it over to me so....

sweet!  Joiro's were the ones I was thinking of...apparently I didn't even have 3dsMax back then.  Going to have to give it another go someday, heh...

Are you animating these things in image ready? Please tell me there's a better way, I can't stand image ready the layers + frames paradigm is so weird.

I hate ImageReady with a PASSION.  Some guys at work use it and they know how and it works for them but I sat down with it when I first started here and was like "...??"  It feels so ridiculously un-intuitive to me.  I just make each frame a layer in Photoshop and Import it to a program called Gif Movie Gear that reads .PSD files.  So every layer of the .PSD file becomes a frame (you can have a background layer that it merges them all onto if you want, have it make one giant palette from the whole thing, etc., it's all really friendly and simple).

Doing it my way means that to do something like sliding a ball around the screen, it's more of a pain in the ass, because I have to move the ball, make a new layer, move the ball, make a new layer, etc. whereas I think in ImageReady you can just move it and go to the next frame or something simple...but I don't care, I like it straightforward like this, heh.

How many other artists were involved? I don't think I noticed that in your novella.

hey man!  long time no see!  There was Z Gravity doing the BGs, me doing the characters/spells, another guy doing the UI/menu stuff, and another guy doing the character portraits.  All 3 of the other artists helped out when the characters were behind at the end (taking the blocky version of the guy and doing him up nicer)...If you compare some of the characters in the final game you can see a difference in styles, heh.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / Re: Sidekick/Hiptop Game Dump
« on: March 02, 2007, 02:57:05 am »
Awesome stuff man...I love seeing/reading behind-the-scenes stuff for games, even if I haven't played them.  I'm that guy that rents a DVD and watches it 4 times before it goes back, listening to each of the commentary tracks,'s fun to see what went on behind the project, and sometimes you can pick up valuable info/ideas/methods that other people are using.

Plus the art for this is great, so it's pretty to just look at even :)  I'm still personally pretty bad with metal/mech designs but I like the style you used here (highlit inside-edges and such...nice and clean).

putting this game on regular phones would mean making a different game, one that was more accommodating to smaller, vertical screens and more limited controls.

Plus they would explode, heh...cell phones are ridiculously limited :(  You can't even rotate/scale sprites on 'em, boo-urns!  Plus most phones only read one button at a time so you can't like, be holding left and hit a shoot button.  Sometimes I'm not even sure how there's a market for cell phone games, heh...but the phones are getting better and the shittiest phone now isn't anywhere near as bad as the shittiest phone a few years ago, so it's picking up.  Some of the newer phones we've messed with run our games like, blazing fast...can't wait till those are the standard.

- Tsugumo

Pixel Art / Re: Mage Knight art-dump, lots of sprites & info
« on: March 01, 2007, 02:11:54 am »
Awesome.  The goods are out now.  It's great to see you were allowed to share.

hey man!  good to see you're still kickin, heh...saw your post at lunch and DLed PuffBomb and was addicted for the lunch hour :)

You're talking about Z Gravity.
Hehe... I think you're right.  That's funny.  Z Gravity works for Big Blue Bubble with Tsu.

what??  fuck, that's him??  He sits like a few desks away from me, haha...I didn't realize Z Grav did those.  shit, I'll have to remember to ask him if he still has them tomorrow.

Is it possible though that I spotted his name in the game credits anyway?

holy shit, you got to the credits??  did you finish the game?  ya, he did all the background art for MK.  The poor guy has had to draw more trees than any man should ever be forced to draw in his life, heh...

- Tsugumo

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