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Hi there.

My name's Myk, you can see my pixel art video work (mostly music videos) here:

You can see a list of my select clients here:

Feel free to contact me at Thanks!

PS: I also speak Russian :).

Portfolios / Re: flim00001's resmue
« on: November 08, 2006, 09:29:47 pm »
Is this some kind of joke? :D

It's understood that you can't wait to start working on paid, PAID only projects, but you could at least type the thread title right..

Portfolios / [RESUME/PORTFOLIO] Mykola Dosenko
« on: November 07, 2006, 08:49:05 pm »
UPDATED: December 2008.

contact info:
Mykola Dosenko

For additional contact info (MSN/AIM/Skype/Phone etc) - email me.
I am producing 2D/pixel art professionally since 2005. I've been mostly involved in doing graphics for mobile and Flash games, including background and character design, fonts and GUI design, concept art.

I'm also implementing pixel art in areas other than games, such as illustration/print and video/animation/motion graphics.

To get a good idea of my skills and style, check out the pixelart music videos I did for DJ Shadow (Island/Universal records) and DJ I-Dee (Adiar Cor Records). They serve me as a pretty good showreel :).

My resume is available for download here:

Here's a zip file with some samples of my commercial work.

You can visit my website and my PixelJoint gallery to see my most recent personal work.
Additional info available upon request.

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