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Job offers / (Closed) Animator and character artist
« on: April 09, 2019, 06:33:55 pm »
Hey, everybody!
Looking for an animator and character artist for my project. "There Is No Light" is a dark pixel slasher that presents the subway as a Biblical Purgatory. The project was born as an attempt to mix the stylistics of the universes "Shin Megami Tensei" and "Metro 2033" with the gameplay "Hyper light drifer".
Your tasks will include the animation of objects and characters, the creation of characters in a pixel art from reference pictures.
Required condition - you must follow the style and quality of the existing artwork.
Footage from the game:
Contact: thereisnolightgame [at]

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for a pixel artist to create assets for the game. The project is a 2D action in a gloomy atmosphere. The gameplay is a mix of "Hyper light drifter" and "Wizard of Legend ".
Your tasks will include:
-Improvement of the enemies in accordance with the requirements or create new ones
-Animations of enemies
I attach existed enemies so you can understand what I want. :)  All sprites must be drawn in Aseprite for further refinement and modification.
If you interested you can write me here or on email

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