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I gave the demo a try! I'd really love to play a game like that. Please finish it! :) Have you considered to make it in Flash to make it accessible to a broader audience?


The goal is to bring this to mobile (android and iphone). It might be a bit delayed as Gromit might work on a smaller game first, but stay tuned this will be a fully released game.

Portfolios / Re: {Résumé} -Cheap, Eager and Reliable.
« on: September 25, 2010, 04:53:48 am »
I'm currently wrapping up a fairly large project with Miguel. He has been flexible, punctual and is very easy to work with. He produces excellent results and quickly responds to change requests. I'm already planning on working with him in the future. Don't hesitate to do work with Miguel.

- Stormweavers

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