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Devlogs & Projects / MAIVEOS: Mask of Acknowledge
« on: August 27, 2017, 03:59:56 am »
In 1280x720p.

Campaigning on IndieGoGo:

Even if you don't want to contribute to the campaign, you can leave a reply on what you think about the designs.

Portfolios / Miki B Artist
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:06:23 am »

$10 to $15 an hour or give a milestone. Milestones will be paid half upfront.


Job offers / Re: Final Fantasy IV ROM Hack - Sprite Artist Needed
« on: August 26, 2017, 11:27:31 pm »


$10 to $15 an hour or give a milestone. Milestones will be paid half upfront.




$10 to $15 an hour or give a milestone. Milestones will be paid half upfront.


Portfolios / Artist Miki - Stills, Textures and Animations
« on: August 21, 2017, 01:35:26 am »
Name´s Miki. I've been a part of and following game development and art for twelve years.
Have practiced art in eleven years and animation in two years.
I can be hired for affordable indie prices.

You can reach me at my e-mail,


Unpaid Work / Valknut needs a character pixel artist
« on: July 14, 2017, 07:22:36 am »
Valknut is a 2d rpg game set in a viking mythological world. For application to join, go to the contact page on the header on

+1 artist role unfilled

Must have good experience in character art. You will have to take tasks that are associated with characters uniforms and variances of faces and hair.

You know how to wand and rotate clothing onto the characters animations.

If you know how to make better than the character art I have done, you are welcome to make a new doll animation. Mine has 7 frames on each 4 directions.

Unpaid Work / Re: Scavenge Or Be Hunted
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:50:38 pm »
Contact Through
Private message
Discord channel

Unpaid Work / Scavenge Or Be Hunted
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:49:06 pm »
For gamers entertainment. If you don't like reading books while queueing up for a match, then this is a good way to relax or sustain your suspension.

Used with RPG Maker MV

This is a project I am working on with the help of pop horror tileset and the character generator and customs or edits by the RPG Maker Community.

The main actor Gurg is a half wereman. He has lost his memories of who he was as a human. Isolated from the world in a small house apartment, he one day finds out with the help of his television that a "zombie outbreak" has gone loose. Wanting to defend himself is the first card he throws out.

As the adventure starts for survival he meets a wounded man called Duran who is shouting out for a woman he calls by the name Katie. When Gurg shows his passionate side to Duran, the stranger to him accepts Gurgs offer to help.

During this conversation Gurg is convinced by Duran that this is the evil doing of the Nine Tails team. Embarking out of Katies team hideout, he meets a man named Bertolos. While drinking booze in trade for a valueable craftsmanships outstanding work, he falls down from his feet and lands with his body on the ground... dreaming of memories he couldn't recall before.
Demo Trailer

Current features
+ Day and Night
+ Lighting System
+ Sideview Battle System
+ Crafting System

What I Need And What You Get
So far, so good. But I am mainly concerned about the characters sprites on the map and on the battle field and the face sets too. I want them more retro like Hyper Light Drifter. I am doing this for gamers entertainment, that is why I want support from gamers.

I am sure this game will make you have a good laugh at certain times, and other times make you feel a bit cozy. Watch the trailer. Doesn't the setting and characters look pretty funny to you? That's what I like to see in games... Funny moments and cozy feelings.

The Old Patch Notes
Patch Notes Late Alpha 7 apr
New stuff:
+ Stronger rats after prologue ends.
+ Scripted Day and Night when it's called, not randomly. Meaning, I decide on what map and when it should be day or night.
+ The game is now minimalistic in size from 820 MB down to 323 MB. Everything is still in the game.
Bug fix:
+ Fixed screen flickering during cutscene and after.
+ Fixed inventory database bugs.
+ Made worrysome rats spit out poison.
Patch Notes Alpha 7 apr
New stuff:
+ Crafting added
+ New story branch
"Patch Notes Alpha 7 apr
New stuff:
+ New story branch in the planning
Bug fix:
+ Fixed some major event scripting bugs
Patch Notes Alpha 6 apr
New stuff:
+ Set up Durans gun type in database.
+ Gave main actor a gun when attacking, and it's now missile based.
+ Added new event branch in the second interior.
+ Fixed graphical bugs.
+ Duran no longer gets Gurgs Quick Finger skill.
+ Copy and pasted one event. The two events were too different from eachother.
+ Fixed weather effect bug
Patch Notes Alpha 0.15.0106: 5 apr
New stuff:
+ End of prologue.
+ New icons.
Current file size:
721 MB
Patch Notes Early Alpha 0.1206 5 apr
Uploaded Early Alpha Demo.
New stuff:
+ Updated the Battle System
+ Added more lightning system effects to tiles
+ Changed Static Rat Enemy to Animated Sideview Enemy Battler.
+ Changed more static enemies to sideview battlers.
+ Scripted a battle event for a key item.
Bug fix:
+ Changed name syntax for items
+ Changed floor exit tile in the player start area
+ Fixed graphical bugs
+ Rats no longer escape the second turn. Instead they spit out poison.
Patch Notes Early Alpha ver. 1.1006-1.1106 4 apr
New stuff:
+ Changed main hero sprite
+ Updated the Battle System
+ Completely redid the main hero's sprite.
+ Added new story branch.
+ Weather effects.
+ New story branch in the planning.
+ Updated the Battle System.
+ Added new background music for every map.
+ New story branch.
Bug fix:
+ Full Screen integration with light source.
+ Fixed one game breaking bug.
+ Fixed two game breaking bugs.
+ More graphical bugs fixed.
+ Event bugs fixed.
+ Fixed the Quick Finger skill from Weapon Skill to Character Level.
+ Fixed a few graphical bugs.
+ One event correctly aligned.
+ Rats HP has doubled and give experience.
+ Fixed weather effects.
+ Squashed a few game breaking bugs.
+ Decreased drop rate of bandages on rats.
Other Ways You Can Help
Get the word out.

Unpaid Work / [HOBBY][REV-SHARE] Pixel Artist Available
« on: April 13, 2016, 09:24:12 am »
Hi. Looking to do some work. E-mail me at Thanks for your time.

Pixel Art / Re: Need some help
« on: January 20, 2010, 05:01:23 am »
I edited him to look completely new.

Well, I changed the feet. How should the hands look like then? Also made the sideview, but kinda disappointed with it.

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