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Adding various wildlife (the hostile one, be careful) :hehe:

Sorry for the silence, been a little bit sick for a week, here's various map icon   :o

Balancing, updating number and bug fixing phase make you staring into the sky like..what have I done...

Sorry for the slow update, pretty busy on balancing the game, changing number here and there!  :yell:
But here it is : various tier chest!  ;D

Screenshot Friday! A cozy bar where you can access shop, take a mission, and others

Creating various baloon emoticon for details, do you have an ideas for some fancy one?

Screenshot Saturday! (or almost Saturday lol)  :crazy: :crazy:

Working on the story and conversation   :lol:
It's not the best RPG story ever, but hey it's super cool   :yell:

Gotta collect' em all!
Hatch rare egg from the monster and march with them into the battlefield!  :-*

Workin on consumables, equipment, and resource icon, this sure if fun  :lol:
If you have any creative idea on some unique item, I'll make it and named it after you!

Dont forget to join the Discord to be the first one the play  :y: :y:

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