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Thanks guys, some great portfolios. Will make a decision in the next few hours and be in touch with one of you regarding further details. It's gunna be a tough choice.

feel free to lock this thread. I looked, but couldn't see how to do so

1. Company title and/or individual representing and offering employment.

2. YoloGlyphics Twitch Extension

3. Description of company or project: I run a small software dev. company based in the UK (Interlocutor LTD), I require re-branding of a Twitch extension I have recently released. The theme of the extension is also pixel art! It lets the viewers on a Twitch channel draw and share pixel art images with the whole channel. The scope of the work is relatively small. I will need a: 128x96 marketing image, a 60x40 marketing thumbnail, a 20x20 marketing icon, a 255x280 pixel art picture frame and perhaps 15-20 button icons

4. Talent/Position requirements: Only requirement is to be able to make the graphics look awesome.

5. Payment: TBD but around $20per hour.

6. Contact information: Please post here with any relevant info + portfolio. If anyone is interested in doing this work I'll get back to later today.

There's also a website which sits alongside the extension:
Any images drawn in the extension are submitted to the database visible on the website.
The website all has a tool for drawing and submitting art.
The extension has only just been released: so far it has only a few users.
Also you should know,
(people like drawing rude stuff hahaha)

If you have a Twitch account you can also use the extension here on my channel:

large update released, post edited with new info.

Dam, this is amazing. There are so many features!

What is your plan for this project in the future?

It puts my project to shame, haha!
See here:;area=showposts;u=77747

Hi guys,
Looking for beta tester for:
Feedback welcomed.

What is a Glyph?
A Glyph is a pixel styled image, created and shared by you. They are similar to Emoji, but far more expressive. You can say anything with a Glyph!
What are Glyph used for?
Glyphs are intended to be a fun new way of communicating with your friends and family. Glyphs can be downloaded in various resolutions, uploaded to various messaging platforms, or, simply shared via Hyperlink.

Glyphs created so far:

See our Twitter:


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