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Challenges & Activities / Re: Mockup Frenzy #5: Horrorween!
« on: October 18, 2007, 02:38:37 pm »

I kinda like the freakishly large head, actually :)

Challenges & Activities / Re: Mockup Frenzy #3: Game Boy De-Makes!
« on: September 20, 2007, 09:46:20 pm »
Whoops - I missed that whole top half somehow the first time I read it  :-[ I'm smart.

Thanks :) So it's essentially every horizontal line of pixels (160x1) Gotcha.

So I guess my next question would be, what's the disadvantage of using the 16x8 sprites? Would they take up more memory than the single 8x8 squares? Do the 8x8 squares have much of a purpose?

Maybe I'm thinking too far ahead on all this...

Challenges & Activities / Re: Mockup Frenzy #3: Game Boy De-Makes!
« on: September 20, 2007, 09:35:06 pm »
I'm probably going to get punched for this, but what exactly is a scanline on the GB?

Does the 10-sprite limit go for every horizontal row of 160x8? every horizontal row of pixels?

I want to try and stick as close to the limits as possible...

Pixel Art / Re: Let's see your "Drawn to Life" Entries!
« on: August 06, 2007, 04:13:30 am »
I personally found the editor they gave to hard to use/slow

What did you win for the runner up prize? just curious

It's the exact same setup for the DS game. I didn't find it too horrible, though it was time-consuming to transfer my design pixel-by-pixel, but I survived.

Runner-up prize gets a $50 BestBuy gift certificate and some profile thingamajigger on

Grand prize gets $500 BestBuy gift certificate and their design included as usable Hero design in the game.

Quote from: Jamie
Good stuff. Love the design.

Anyone else submit something?

(I hope you intended for everyone to post their entries.)

Whoa, those are awesome! :D I love the grouchy guy in the bear suit  :crazy:  Which did you submit as your final?

Hopefully we aren't the only 2 from the forums that submitted :O  Show us your stuff, guys!

Pixel Art / Re: Let's see your "Drawn to Life" Entries!
« on: August 05, 2007, 05:04:57 pm »
Oh p.s. where's his thumb on the lower screen? :P

I tried to make it so his thumb was pointed in towards his body, since that's what it would do naturally - you normally don't have both thumbs pointing to the left :lol:. Even though it looks funny on the bottom screen, it looks a little more natural when he's actually running around on the top screen. The thing I do notice now, though, is that the shading on his arms get flipped when they rotate to their normal position.... whoops! Not too hard to fix, but too late for the contest  :crazy: Ah, well.

It was a last minute change, so the top sprites are actually an older version of the sprite I submitted (2nd shot)....hmm.... wonder what happened to my final version, then? Hmm....

Oh and p.p.s is there a demo, because it looks that way since the small bunny sprite
is in n angle made by a computer...

Uhh, sort of - these screens are all from the Flash-based contest IGN was holding a few months back. Even though the contest is over, you can still play with the generator they made:

Not sure how much longer it's going to be around for, but I think it's only a couple more months til the game comes out anyway...

My friend also brought back a demo of the game he downloaded onto his DS when he was at Comic Con this year. You only get to make the main character and a cloud object, but I was having a blast with it (uinfortunately, I didn't have my character design on me at the time, so I didn't get a chance to actually try it out in action yet). But, yeah, this game looks pretty rockin' - I'm really looking forward to it coming out.

Pixel Art / Let's see your "Drawn to Life" Entries!
« on: August 04, 2007, 07:42:58 pm »
Well, I just got an email yesterday saying I got one of the Runner-Up prizes, so I guess that means it's safe to show off our entry designs (If you still have them  :D )

Here's my "SpaceBunny" guy that I made:

Ugh, I hate the dithering job I did on this... oh well.

What did you guys come up with for this? I'm really interested to see :)

EDIT: I wasn't sure if this should've gone under "General" or "Pixel Art", but since it's about posting the entry designs, I figured Pixel Art was most appropriate.

General Discussion / Re: A couple of questions about GraphicsGale
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:02:25 pm »
That doesn't seem like it would be the issue though since I'm using an unregistered free version. The only thing different from what I have and you have is.. the folder named pen
Yours is not capitalized and mine is, but I really doubt that could be the issue, though it is worth a try.
Also, Check if there is a scroll bar maybe you just haven't noticed it and it wont show your custom ones unless you scroll down on the pen section.

I've tried messing with te capitalization of the folder, too, with 'pen, 'Pen', and 'PEN'.

Didn't see a scroll bar, either...

Either I'm missing a small step, or I just have terrible luck. I'm hoping the former, because I've had the same situation happen t0o me on several different computers.

Oh, well. This doesn't ruin the program for me or anything - It just would be cool to get it to work. Thanks, guys :)

General Discussion / Re: A couple of questions about GraphicsGale
« on: July 28, 2007, 09:31:35 am »
Yup, did both of those things, too :(

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong :\ 

Hoping it's just because my version isn't registered yte.

General Discussion / Re: A couple of questions about GraphicsGale
« on: July 26, 2007, 11:16:15 pm »
Are you sure you're saving it as a bitmap, Rynen?

For onion skin, make sure you have a transparent color on the frame.

Yup. 1-bit, 32x32, black and white bmp file in the 'pen folder in the graphicsgale folder.

Looky Looky:

I don't get it. I've tried it on 3 different computers now, and none of them are loading.

Oh, well. I justfound out how to customize the hotkeys, and I'll try out the onion-skin thing in a sec. I'm really starting to like this program - I just hope I can get this to work...

I have an unregistered version of the shareware version, but someone mentioned that it should be working anyway... I tried it out on the free version, too, but that didn't work either.


Thanks in advance! :)

General Discussion / Re: A couple of questions about GraphicsGale
« on: July 26, 2007, 04:38:39 pm »
Hmm... it's not working for me....

I'm saving it as 1bit, using white as the color and black surrounding it, and saving it in a new folder labeled "Pen" in the GraphicsGale folder, then hitting reload pen/tile in the program.

...It's not loading anything :(

Yes, the help file does say all that stuff (I think I have the latest version), so it should be working.

Do I have to name it a certain filename?

I also can never seem to get onion skin to work...

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