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Pixel Art / Re: Need Critic on Shmup Ships
« on: June 02, 2010, 03:21:43 pm »
Alright, thank you for the reply! Kramlack and I agreee and will have something by the end of today (hopefully) to post up with your critic assembled. Thanks!

Pixel Art / Re: Need Critic on Shmup Ships
« on: June 02, 2010, 03:18:41 am »
Kevin/Tremulant had provided an edit to Kramlack who then gave to me and with it I updated the first ship...

Pixel Art / Need Critic on Shmup Ships
« on: June 01, 2010, 02:55:40 pm »
Heya' Pixelation,
my buddy Kramlack and I are working on these ships for a game in developement that we hope to get out there and be played. We need suggestions to improve these ships as much as possible. It's much appreciated!

We have a bunch of sprites done for the game and we look to finalize it with critic provided by this community. I will work 3 at a time...

Thanks!  :crazy:

Portfolios / Zachary James, inexpensive artist looking for work!
« on: April 05, 2010, 06:24:30 am »
Hey, my name is Zachary James. I've been doing pixel art for almost two years and would love to gain more experience in freelance. I'm extremely cheap, reliable and offer decent quality work. Most of my experience comes for top-down games and tiles, however I'm willing to work at anything. My style consists of mostly simplistic work, though I'm capable of being flexible with the look of my pixels.

Example of my Work:

Plenty more where that came from! Check out my Pixel Joint gallery:


As I said, I'm very inexpensive. I prefer being paid per sprite/artwork and am willing to hear how much you think I'm worth and how much you'd be willing to pay. I only use Western Union as a payment method.


Private message me through this site or contact me at

Zachary James

Pixel Art / [WIP] Rock Giant Thing...
« on: March 29, 2010, 05:29:37 am »
There is so much I dislike about it, but I don't want to give up on this piece.   :-[

I'm just wondering if anyone has any constructive criticism they'd like to give me on how to improve it. As you can see, the bottom-half of the giant is not yet completed, mostly because I have no clue how to work out the structure on the legs nor feet. The grass and tree will come after the monster is finished. I also need some help with a better more vibrant palette choice and especially the right hand (The current hand is only a place holder, I do realize it's extremely ugly) of his which I can't seem to get to look right. Thanks in advance.  :crazy:

Pixel Art / Re: (WIP) Man on a Steep Hill
« on: December 18, 2009, 11:55:07 pm »
Sorry for the double post, but I submitted this to my gallery already - - however I will continue to work on it later on and try to follow the suggestions listed here. Thank you for the help guys, especially Eyecraft!  :y:

Pixel Art / Re: (WIP) Man on a Steep Hill
« on: December 17, 2009, 11:15:59 pm »

What software are you using? You need something that displays the palette and lets you change colours and see them update in the canvas. I normally start manually sorting colours in the palette by value and then comparing their HSV values. If their values are similar enough, I copy one of them into the other and merge them into a single index.

The purple hills are interesting. I think at least their value is a big improvement; they seal the bottom of the piece nicely and push the eye up to the subject. New greens are good!

I imagined the face basically being a stern brow, white eyes (lids pulled back, you kind of already have this), but an otherwise calm face. I think it'd be funny, almost satirical. Maybe a slightly pouting mouth, too.
Thanks!  ;D

I'm using Microsoft Paint, but now I'm starting to put my GraphicsGale to use (Which I should've done in the first place). A program that could automatically place the "closer" pixels together would be awsome, so that I would'nt have to find it. Also, I think GraphicsGale has an option for this, right? Like, it would tell you what the palette is on the piece and it wouldn't be so hard just manually changing it that way so I know which colours are different.

I could try giving him the facial features you are suggesting. Thanks man, great help.  :y:

Here's an edit on the hill:

It gives it a little more volume
Nice concept, thanks! I'll consider it when I start to work more on the hill.  :)

Aaaahhhhh, ridges, so thats how he got onto the hill!

The places just under the ears almost look like cheek bones, or they could his neck. Can you clear that up? :/

They are his cheek bones, I could try to clean it up and make it look more like so, but I may have to move the ears then. I think that's what is causing the confusion. Thanks for pointing that out.  ;D

Pixel Art / Re: (WIP) Man on a Steep Hill
« on: December 17, 2009, 03:17:39 pm »
Thanks for the suggestions!  ;D

Well, here is a colour update that followed your suggestions. The thing is, is that I did not do layers so It is kind of confusing to put back the AA to the new colours which is also used in the human and such so while doing so I went up 3 colours, I believe, and I don't know how to get back down cause I can't find which colours don't belong.  :blind:

I agree about the background, so I'll do that after I get the colours in order. Also, how would a competetive face look like? A smirk? Thanks for the suggestions. :)

I don't know about the purple hills, so I will probably change it to something more appropriate... (I also noticed that it is fairly distracting as well and ugly to look at, so that's a no-no)

If anyone knows how to quickly narrow it down to the colours that look mostly like eachother without having to visually find each and every pixel, could you let me know? Thanks. :P

Pixel Art / Re: (WIP) Man on a Steep Hill
« on: December 17, 2009, 01:55:44 am »
Thank you bitterbug, I appreciate it.  :D

Pixel Art / (WIP) Man on a Steep Hill
« on: December 17, 2009, 12:39:23 am »
Need some advice on this piece that is more or less finished, but a new set of eyes could improve it. Basically, it's a man on a steep hill with a branch in his hand which relates to the name "King of the Hill".

What I need help with is the background, reducing colours (If possible) and any other nitpicks that you may have with this pixel. Any help is appreciated very much.

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