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Job offers / Re: (Artist Found)Need artist for Doom weapon mod
« on: December 17, 2017, 02:55:51 am »
Sorry, I was already contacted by someone just a few hours ago, but I'll keep your page just in case

Job offers / (Artist Found)Need artist for Doom weapon mod
« on: December 16, 2017, 09:57:01 pm »
Taser Baton/StunGun
-Taser in right hand
-Taser being extended towards the enemy
-Taser electricity
-Stun gun in left hand
-Discharge frames

-In hand
-Slashing from upper left to lower right

Machete Mace Combo
-You duel wield them together, don't worry about the work you're currently doing on them separately, they don't need to share sprites to be used together
-Machete in right hand
-Mace in left hand
-Machete slashing from upper right to lower left
-Reverse slash from lower left to upper right
-Mace smacking

Metal Baseball Bat
-In hands
-Swing from right to left
-Left hand tosses up baseball and bat hits it
-Baseball sprite

Dual Sickles
-This is a really fast weapon meant to be the chaingun replacement and the slashes are randomized
-Slash up left to low right up right to low left vertical up and down horizontal left and right
-Each hand can just be mirrored
-Throwing the sickles
-Spinning sickles

Battle Axe/War Hammer Combo(if you consider this as two I won't blame you)
-In hand
-Horizontal Slash with axe head Left and Right
-Up Right to Low Left
-Up Left to Low Right
-Flip around, lift high and slam
-in the pictures I have included a hammer and axe referance, the body is the hammer, but one head of the hammer is replaced with the axe

-In hands
-slash from up right to low left - up left to low right up and down, left and right
-Left hand throwing shurikens(simple 4 point throwing star)
-The shuriken itself for the projectile
-Dual swords, same sword but in both hands, similar to the dual sword ref given
-left hand slicing to the left, up left to down right, down left to up right
-right hand doing the opposite so you can probably just flip the sprites for those swings

Compound Bow
-Oh boy this one
-In idle he's holding the bow low at a 15 or so degree angle in his left hand, he lifts the bow to the standard vertical pose you'd see any archer use and fires the arrow with his right hand
-The Arrow side front and behind


Powerup weapons
every one of the below weapons are in a special powerup where you are covered in nanomachines
so the hands for each of the special weapons have the nanomachine covered hands

Metal Fist
-has a ready animation of the guys hands being covered in nanomachines like the video I sent, like, he's looking at his arms palms up as they are covered, and as they finish he clenches his fists and goes into ready mode
-Punch with both arms and a slam with both hands

-On both hands
-Simple slash from both angles
-Claws in hand angles away from eachother, this is for a rage attack
similar slashes as the rapier but three instead of one and only the two angles

-This is both simple then pretty complicated
-it has two modes
-the blue guitar simple swing
-an alt is the guitar starts glowing like the picture and then you start splitting it into two guitars again like the picture
-simple swings with the two glowing guitars
-and lastly holding both glowing guitars out evenly in front with a few random sparks surging between

-Possibly the simplest one
-In hand
-A series of green slashes like the reference, one slash per frame but in different locations and angles

-Grim Reaper-esque, with the bent handle
-Left hand holding a golden cross
-The cross increasingly glowing
-Left hand thrusting a cross
-A sprite of the cross in a blueish silver by itself for a projectile

Laser Katana
-Just a reskin of the katana, same type of sword but the blade is now glowing cyan

Magical Bow
-This is pretty cool in my opinion, it's gonna test you I think, i'm obviously not asking for every little frame but let me try to say it as best I can
-First the rod in right hand
-The rod being extended and glowing (I'll do the projectile)
-Each of the gems glowing one at a time from bottom to top
-Now the main event, the transformation, You can attempt a small transformation but a simple fade to white morph into the bow works too
-The bow is held exactly like the Compound bow from here, held low until fired with glowy arrow


Chainsaw Frenzy
-This is the very last weapon, quite literally the most complicated, the chainsaw is magical, it takes the form of many chainsaws and changes every swing, now don't worry about the complications all you need to know at the moment is that this is 5 weapons in one each with a hold and 8 swings(I'm sorry)
-As stated each weapon has the fallowing
-In Hand (Blades moving, 2-3 frames max)
-Upper Left to Lower Right
-Upper Right to Lower Left
-Lower Left to Upper Right
-Lower Right to Upper Left
-Horizontal Left to right
-Horizontal Right to Left
-Vertical Up and Down
-Some have specifications based on if the weapon is going from left to right or right to left, listed in the references as L2R and R2L

RazorBack(Chainsaw Katana)
-Minus the word otto on the blade

Juliet's Chainsaw
-Has Directional specifications

Laser Chainsaw

Gigan's Chainsaw Arm
-Very easy to copy and paste directions as it is very symetrical and the hand is enclosed

Bayonetta's Chainsaw
-This on is just a single swing from right to left, no in idle(this is part of a super move where you swing all the chainsaws ending with a slow large chainsaw)

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