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General Discussion / Re: Contemporary Pixel Art Games (2010 and on)
« on: August 02, 2017, 02:33:41 pm »
Legend of Dungeon

Punch Club

Retro City Rampage

Also keep an eye on Shakedown: Hawaii (not sure its released yet but it looks jaw dropping)

EDIT: How do i make a line of text/a word link to a page, like others have done in previous posts in this thread?

General Discussion / Re: Contemporary Pixel Art Games (2010 and on)
« on: August 01, 2017, 11:25:30 am »
Just how extensive is this list your working on?  It could be a case that there are just as many pixel art games produced after 2010 then before, what with game development becoming more and more accessible to more people.
To try cover even a fraction of what has been produced post 2010 will be extremely ambitious, and I certainly wish you the very best of luck with it.

I am pretty sure a standardization of VR will ultimately herald the death of pixel art as a mainstream (commercial and indie) game medium.  Tough to say for sure, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Only thing I can see working is pixel art aesthetics in 3d such as Sub Level Zero and some other games like low res voxels.. etc

General Discussion / Re: Contemporary Pixel Art Games (2010 and on)
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:29:53 pm »
Mercenary Kings
A game that falls way short of, but the closest in feel of the classic metal slug games that I have played.

General Discussion / Re: Adobe to kill Flash Player plugin in 2020
« on: July 27, 2017, 04:13:49 pm »
How I see it is perhaps flash was ahead of its time (back then),  most peoples bandwidth struggled to load flash content quickly enough, I think if flash had arrived now (but without the existence of html5) things might have been different.

Regarding the security issues, well I think long before flash was marked for death people (folks influential in web standards) started to disregard it, so less and less effort and time was put into patching security issues. I am sure its the same with any other medium, they all suffer security issues but are eventually patched sufficiently due to continued development and confidence of filling a web standard.

Also can you name one webtool that is non-coder friendly that exists today that can take full advantage of the power of html5/css in the same extensive way flash did?
I am sure some will come, but I think its a bit slow in coming. I have used some tools such as Macaw (discontinued now :( ) which enabled "decent" designing of web content, but was a far cry away from what flash (the software) could do in the hands of an artist. Ok sure flash has its action script but even without using that (or very minimal) an artist could produce something great.

I realize websites these days are far more complicated in context to function and back-end stuff, clients demand so much more such as social integration, dynamic content, responsive layouts/light weight..etc etc and HTML 5/css are doing a fantastic job of that, but I feel flash was never given the opportunity to try integrate itself into modernizing web standards because of the hate for it so early on in its evolution.

Also I am not saying that websites are boring these days, there are many many awesome designs out there, but the more exotic designs that an artist could have otherwise have done in flash (or something like it) are now solely in the realm of experienced web coders.

Just goes to show how important some knowledge of code is these days for an artist to apply his or her trade in areas of digital interactive mediums.

I knew flash was pretty much dead for a long while now, yet I am still sad to see it go and sad to hear adobe announce its final nail for its coffin.

I had many wonderful years with flash, so long!

King of the impossible!

General Discussion / Re: [urgent] graphicsgale .gal file issue
« on: July 27, 2017, 08:15:52 am »
Wow .. i did not know about the docs/gale folder either and the fact it backed up everything. Im sure this is in the docs somewhere but nice find anyway surt, thats some good piece of mind there.

I just wish gale would keep the native/editor file .gal after exporting png or other formats. I have lost a lot of work by forgetting to save progress as .gal after exporting pngs for a while. Sort of like what ps dose ,if you have an open psd and save it out as some other format, hitting the "save" after that will save the psd not the last exported format.

Anyway , cheers for the heads up on this, i found a bunch of things i "thought" i had lost.

Might be worth noting to folks who have not updated gale in a while that it has gone 100% freeware a few weeks ago, so you can now import and export gifs/vid to your hearts content

General Discussion / Adobe to kill Flash Player plugin in 2020
« on: July 27, 2017, 07:29:33 am »
First the news by MS they are dropping MS Paint form future releases of Windows..

...and now this announcement by Adobe. Sure it was inevitable, but the cold reality of the final death of Flash is lingering even more in the air.

RPS article:

I am looking at this as a two fold thing. from a web standard point of view but also as a web content tool / artist tool.

As a web standard, well this news dose not bother me so much because combinations of HTML / CSS can do what flash was doing.

As a content tool for artists (emphasis on the "artist") is un-supprising news yet saddens me that no alternate tool has been made by anyone that comes remotely close to Flash.
Creating rich visual content for the web is now solely in the domain of coders that know how to use HTML5/CSS (with support from artists).. and its a final nail in the coffin for artist that can't code.  I mean just look at the web today, sanitized web designs and layouts all over the place. A far cry from the rich visual experiences you got when flash was at its height that now today's average bandwidth can more then handle and I think its because coders are leading the development of web designs rather then artists.

Its been clear for many years now that HTML5 was bound to take over, yet nobody seems to have considered a HTML5 alternate that an artist can use with little or no code knowledge,  even Adobe themselves... the same Adobe that seemed to cherish "the artist" with its other products seems to have chosen to abandon the artist in such a major field of modern technology, ie the web.

thoughts?  .. I know some of you still use flash, perhaps not in a web content context, but still, the death of it as a web standard will inevitably follow the discontinuation of developing the software itself, even if your not using it for web content.

Pixel Art / Re: [CC] Mountain Tiles & Backgrounds
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:13:00 pm »
really good suggestions by the others, and I would agree the foreground/background contrast needs perhaps a bit more strength. But I think the others have lost a bit of the lushness of your original in particular with the trees, the edits although better in contrast are flatter and less visually striking then the original.  With regard the grass/foreground contrast well its a bit hard to get a measure of that based on static picture, but I am sure when the foreground is moving over the background + the other layers of parallax the contrast isn't quite as lost as the original image.

Hello, I am looking for someone to make a series of animation sequences for a tiny low res one color player sprite. The sprite is sort of like a stick figure, and I have and example of it already with a run cycle.

Other sequences I will need such as walk, jump, climb..etc

I hope this project will be out onto the market within no more then 2 month. We can discus a % or set amount assuming the game sells, but also your name will feature prominently as being the animator of the player sprite.

I am hoping since the sprite is such low res + one color + simple stick figure type shape that it will be relatively easy, quick and fun to produce a series of animations for it.

If anyone sounds like they can help me out it would be great, either leave a reply here or pm me.

cheers for the advice 32, and yes I was quick to discover less pixels and even the solid color wasn't going to make this easier.
I had a few more goes myself but it just was not looking great, so had to hand it over to someone capable, this is their fantastic result (its been upscaled , sorry about that)

we did have to end up making him taller by i think 2 pixels compared to my original just to define the joints better, but what he has done is really great and shows you can make sweet slick animations using so little pixels.

This character will ultimately be used for a side scrolling platform game in which will involved parkour type movements and the transitions between the movements so this run test is a good indication that the more exotic movements wont be an issue considering the low res.

thanks again for the advice it factored in to the result

rony777 which part do you not understand?

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