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Job offer still open :)

Hello Everyone :)

I'm Fiote, founder/developer of FioTactics, an tactics mmorpg witch happens to have an pixel isometric art style.

Right now I'm using as a placeholder. It looks pretty but it's not pixel, and it's too basic (almost no props).

This is how the game is looking right now:

And this... is what I could achieve with the asset when I tried to create a port city. Which sucks, because the second image is what I had in my mind:

So I'm searching for an artist that can create this type of pixel isometric art that matches my current sprite style.

Any one up to the task? Please post your portfolio or whatever link you have so I can see your art related to what I'm asking (feel free to DM me but PLEASE also post your link here).

Ok, time to lock the topic. Thanks for everyone that PM'd or email'd me. I realized the price for this is way higher than I had in mind (and that's ok!). Got work on some fundraising before really hiring some of the amazing artists that showed me their works.

Thank you all!

Ok, more details about what I want:

This concept:
(this page includes a non-isometric sprite that may or may not be used as a base)

In this isometric style (exactly those frames):

Unpaid Work / [Game Jam] Looking an artist to join me!
« on: April 19, 2017, 01:47:56 am »
So, next Ludum Dare is just around the corner (this weekend!) and I'm looking for a pixel artist to join me in the quest to create another awesome javascript web game.

This is my last year's entry. I did all the coding and a friend did the art. cool huh? ^^

Game jams provide no pay or actual prizes whatsoever (well, unless we top it) but it's a exciting experience and will add a full working game to your (and mine!) portfolio. I love them and find it super fun.

I can finish a game without an artist to join me but it will probably end up as box and circles moving lol. Having a partner makes ALL the difference. As an artist you won't have THAT much work but whatever 16x16 frame you do will increase the project quality with rocketspeed lol, so you're freaking important \o/

Are you interested? Reach me here on pixelation by PM or go ahead and email me (


Hello everyone! I'm working on a web mmorpg game that is heavily inspired on Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). Right now I'm using some non-isometric sprites but I'm planning on moving to isometric. I'm looking for some artists that can get commissions on this. I even messaged some people here but decided to post this as an offer, since it sounds better.

I'll probably hire a few good artists for a 'test' job (paid, of course) before picking one to go all the way with me <3

If you're curious, this is the game website: (portuguese and english versions).

I would love to get an artist as a partner but I'm realistic about this so right now the deal is paid commissions, fair stuff! Maybe when I get a kickstarter going (and funded) this can change ;)

If you think you can match the FFT style, please reply here or send me a PM :)

Ok I just read that I'm supposed to post the rate I can pay here? Hmm, this my my first real project so I'm a bit lost. So far I was charged per spritesheet but I have no idea how much time it took, so I can't really to come up with a fair hour rate I'm willing to pay for. This isometric version I want right now have 3+ frames than the non-isometric one, so I assume it would be a little more, i guess...

Portfolios / Re: Becca Bair - Professional Game Artist
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:00:28 am »
Hi Becca! I just sent you a message on the contact section of your website... I guess. There is no confirming message/alert lol. Please check if you received it.

The message I sent you says it's about 25 frames... but that's wrong. It's half of it, since on isometric the top-left/top-right and bottom-left/bottom-right are mirrored lol.

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