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Here's a TL;DR:
Videos at the bottom. I'm Ktar. I'm making a game temporarily called "SlimeQuest". I need art. I pay well, at least 10$/hr, but can go up to 30$/hr for the right person, but thatís (30/hr) the highest I can go. Contact info and description below.
Now for the meat.
You can call me Ktar. I am the programmer, designer, and producer of a game temporarily called "SlimeQuest". In this game, you are a slime and you move around on a grid-based map continually moving in a single direction until you hit a wall. The goal is to get to the end (win) area without dying. The team is currently me, as well as a level designer/puzzle designer.
I pay well, at least 10$/hr, but can go up to 30$/hr for the right person, but thatís (30/hr) the highest I can go.
We used to have an artist but she is no longer able to work for us, so Iím looking for someone to redo the style of my game. I'm also looking for someone who thinks my project is cool and would love to be a part of it and be excited to work on it in order to keep the ball rolling to release.
Here is a video of the game, as well as one of the work-in-progress custom level editor.
You can reach me on discord at Ktar#1702 and I look forward to hearing from you.

Excellent answer. Mark me down as interested, but unfortunately occupied.
I won't be available for unpaid work until I manage to clear some financial issues.
Sounds great! Feel free to contact me if you'd like to maintain communication.

This does seem interesting, but how far along are you with the actual gameplay prototypes?
As quickly as we finish designing them, our main programmer prototypes them. It's truly amazing what he's capable of. Currently we're working on the "Living Ocean" prototype which consists of fish AI and weather effects (rain, gusts of wind, etc). As far as the Living Ocean system we've already created the boat/wind prototype.

A few other things we've created that aren't really "mechanics" are the pixel-perfect camera (making sure our artists' work doesn't get stretched or torn), cutscene creator, and some sprite transforming code for certain in-game effects.

Next on our list as we continue to finish up the GDD is our combat prototype. We're working on the ocean prototypes first because there are a few details the main artist wants to work out stylistically that impact the design before we get combat examples up 'n running.

I sure hope that my answer was thorough enough. If you have any more questions

Hello, Pixelation!

I, along with three other talented and experienced members of my team, am creating a game in Unity about the mythological tale behind how dreams came to be, and the historic fight between the goddess of light, and the god of darkness and sleep. The game is about the quest of one boy who, with the goddess of light's blessing, sets out on a boat to sail to the shrines of the god of darkness and reduce them to rubble-- eventually moving on to defeat the god of darkness himself.

The current stage of the game is concept art, prototyping, and design. We are working on creating our fully document GDD, we have working prototypes of multiple of the mechanics including sailing and ocean creature AI, and also have concept art being created on a daily basis. Here's some more information for those of you that like to read. If you don't like reading, feel free to skip to the last paragraph of this post.
Our game is narrated from the perspective of a grandmother telling her curious granddaughter a story, after being asked a peculiar question: "Why do we dream?", and consists of gameplay where the player is creating the narrative as they travel.
The mechanics revolve around the player traveling through an explorable and living ocean on a sailboat, navigating without the help of quest markers by solely using the starry night sky. The other half of the gameplay is centered around the difficult/skillful combat required at each of the 4 island shrines.
Concept Art:

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic Pixel Artist to join our team. If this idea sparks your interest or you have any questions about the project, feel free to contact us! You can reach me by adding me on discord with the tag Ktar#1702 or you can email me at

We look forward to hearing back from all you talented pixel artists,
thank you for reading.

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