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Job offers / Re: looking for Tiles and Sprites in 64x64 (hobby)
« on: December 16, 2016, 02:13:52 pm »
Thank you for your participation!

I found someone to partner with.
This thread may be closed.

Job offers / looking for Tiles and Sprites in 64x64 (hobby)
« on: December 12, 2016, 12:18:36 pm »
Hey there.
I am currently developing a top-down survival-simulation game.
The development activity is currently slow, in a hobby-ish state and I am working
on the code together with a friend.
Gameplay wise we are making a mix of Rimworld, Prison Architect and Factory.
The setting and look we roughly aim for is close to Rimworld with a stronger, industrial touch.

We are mainly looking for ground textures, as mentioned in the title, our tile pattern is 64x64.

Here is a screen of a scenery ingame. The textures displayed here are painted by me and I want to replace them.

Please feel free to take reference to any screenshots from rimworld. As this is roughly the look we want to archieve.

As I stated earlier this is currently a hobby project, so we canīt pay you huge amounts of money for your work. But we will pay you a small sum which is negotiable depending on your delivered quality and how we like your work.
If we like your work and the project maybe envolves into a more serious state at some point, we will of course contact you again for some more work.

Please send me a PM with an example tile if you are interested!

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