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Thank you for everyone who applied. I will respond to everybody before the end of the day.

I am looking for an artist to create new units for Uniwar: a mobile turn-based strategy game for Android and iOS.

This is a PAID job. I am the programmer & manager of the game. You will interact directly with me. The units have to fit in 160x160 pixels. Link to existing units images:

Quick facts about UniWar:
- Turn Based Strategy hard-core game, blend with between Starcraft & Advance Wars.
- #7 in Top paid on Apple AppStore when released in 2009, still in Top 100 today in Strategy in GooglePlay
- Strong player engagement and active community due to deep and balanced gameplay

To apply, contact me with a link of your portofolio
by email:
by Skype: Javaground
Games developer by passion.

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