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Quality similar to the references would likely be well over $80 per background at the size listed. Even with reusable tiles, I'd expect closer to $200+ each at that resolution; asking less would be pretty unfair to the artist. An artist would likely take an hour or two to draw up the rough sketch, then an additional 3-5 hours to pixel, and 2-3 hours to clean it up for a total of up to 10 hours. Expected revisions may add another 1-2 hours or more. At your given price-point, you'd be paying $26 per for 10 hours of work, or $2.6 an hour unless the artist is extremely quick.

With the quality expected, most artists would charge $20-30/hour or $15/hour if you find someone who undervalues themselves. Much more realistic is to decrease the size to 280x240 then double it using Nearest Neighbor scaling. Pixel art may still work well at that resolution, plus you'd be decreasing the amount of pixels to a fourth of the amount thus about halving the needed time per asset. That done, $80-100 per BG would be a lot more do-able.

If you don't have the funds to pay more, it might be better to put the artwork on hold or do them in parts, though if you go extremely cheap, you'll likely get equal results. It's cheaper in the long run to go with a fairly-priced option first.

Portfolios / [Portfolio] Pixels
« on: May 10, 2017, 01:40:14 am »
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Portfolios / [PAID Only] Pixel-Man for Pixel-Jobs
« on: September 27, 2016, 06:33:52 pm »

Hey, reader! Why don't you stay a while and check out my portfolio full 'a neat'o stuff? I've worked on the iOS game, Tiny World: - (Pictures -

And the published Steam Game, Evil Hazard: - (Pictures -

Not to mention publishing my own game, Hex Phase (believe it or not, it's entirely pixel art too!): - (Pictures -; seriously, all pixel art done by hand, frame-by-frame)

As well as many other projects! To show off a few:
Pictures -

Aside from those, I've also been working on my side projects for a while, the first of which is an action-packed, quirky beat-em-up:
Pictures -

And the other which extends to the polar opposite side of the gaming world; a dark, horror-filled, Metroidvania based on puzzle-solving and story building:
Pictures -

As well as a small mockup for a Zelda-like puzzle game:
Pictures -

My rates are based on the difficulty of the task and pretty fair to boot. Bigger pixels means bigger money, obviously, but rest safe knowing you'll get your money's worth. I of course offer minor revisions for free with only large scale redesigns or revisions going 3+ deep being charged extra. Per rates, I either go by hour or by quote. If per hour, around ~$20 is my usual rate with it scaling up a bit pending on the overall complexity of what needs to be done. Otherwise, I tend to base my quotes on that general number. I generally prefer half payment up front and half upon completion through Paypal.

About me: I'm a rad dude with no attitude comin' at 'cha with some sick pixel skills, ya' dig? But really, I like to joke around a lot between getting stuff done. Humor makes the world go round. I'm pretty quick to get stuff out, good at updating, and am quick to respond to emails and queries. I've worked with game designers helping come up with ideas on incorporating my animations, deciding on resolutions, and integrating hit-boxes as well as programmers figuring framerates, adjusting sizes, and designing system elements like text, icons, and so on. So with that, let me know if you need any more info, dawg.

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