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This was fun, and tilesets are really hard to do, I have a new found admiration for this type of pixelart. Congrats to the winners.

This is a second entry, and the second tileset I've ever made. I have made loads of progress and learned an awful lot just studying the other entries, so I win no matter what ;)

Using 38 tiles

Using 35 tiles

Using 36 tiles

@ Blick and Faktablad
Thanks for the c+c, I will rework and re-submit before the deadline. It seems I read the directions very differently than everyone else. n00bitis.

Hello my name is jalonso and I'm an.... oops wrong forum. I am posting early since I'm a bit n00bish and hoped if there are technical errors I could fix them before the deadline.
This is the entry I wish to submit

Tiles and colors used

I submit these different versions because the rules stated "fully realized world". I will remove if needed.

Pixel Art / Re: PixelArt Sucks!
« on: March 02, 2006, 09:49:47 pm »
How much, and how fast? Art in hand  :D

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