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It's 2019, so I figured I'd update the above post with my recent work! Also, here are some sprites that I have done for my own game, Sightless:

Portfolios / [OPEN][Portfolio] Concept Artist/Illustrator Looking for Work!
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:35:37 pm »
Hello! My name is Rubin, a concept artist, illustrator, and game creator with 6+ years of commission work under my belt. If you are looking for someone to visualize your ideas, illustrate a scene in a visual novel, or even create character portraits, you can contact me through here, or by emailing me at rubindraws(at)outlook(dot)com.

I also have experience working on and creating games -- being responsible for Heroes of Lite, a tabletop-based game, and Sightless, an RPGMaker game currently set as a Demo.

Main Portfolio:
Art Twitter:

-Unfortunately, I will not take on free work!
-I'm 100% down to negotiating prices, whether it's per image or per week
-Ideally looking for something long term, but will take on short term jobs!

What to Expect:
-I'm a very fast drawer; depending on the complexity, I can get a concept done within an hour
-Has experience using slack, and can use Skype/Discord for calling
-Will use the above methods, alongside email, to keep a firm communication between myself and the rest of the team
-Knows how to self motivate and finishes work accordingly
-Open to criticism and feedback: ensuring that the concepts I make are to the owner's vision is of upmost importance!

Illustration Examples:

Concept Art Examples:

Sprite Examples:

Icon Examples:

If you enjoy the work that I have put forth, contact me here or at rubindraws(at)outlook(dot)com! Thank you!

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