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Hey it's Summer holiday here!!!  and having some free time,  I am open to INTERESTING  [Android]  Game projects!!

Have a cool idea but not much coding skills?

I would be glad to collaborate with you in the Project as the lead (or may be, the only) Programmer.

May be we can work together for fun on  Profit Sharing basis. Feel free to contact me at my below mail address :

Looking forward for your words :-)

(Mail me with the Subject : "Game Collaboration ->",  as soon as possible, before I get involved into new Projects.)



Screenshot of a recent project :

Hey everyone !!!

After a very busy week of game development, I am finally open for new projects.

If you have any good Game idea but no programming skills, you can feel free to contact me at :

With the following subject :

[Game idea - > Pixelation]

I can get involved in your project as a Lead Programmer at a very reasonable rate , or , may be for Profit Sharing if your idea is Ground Breaking !!!

PM me as fast as you can , before I get involved into new projects.


Unpaid Work / Pixel Artist Required for a interesting Logic Game
« on: May 19, 2016, 05:32:13 pm »
Popularity of Mobile gaming is increasing day by day. In this era of mobile gaming , my recent project named "Prism Puzzle" is a perfect match. The project is a Logic (Puzzle Game) for Android mobiles.

Hi, my self Diganta Mandal , an Android game programmer. I am developing this project since January this year and have managed to almost complete the programming part of the project (atleast the overall game engine has been programmed). But as you know , the greatest hurdle in a programmer's life is to draw the Pixelarts required for the game and so is in my project too.

I am looking for a pixel artist to help complete my project. I previously also posted here for the same but that post seemed to lack much project details and so I removed that and is here:

About the project : Its a logic game for android mobiles and can be ported to pc also if required.
The aim of the player is to direct the laser light to the proper exit door by orienting the bars containing prisms(reflecting devices) using appropriate logic. Only one combination of the different bars will clear the level so the user have to orient the bars by purely applying logic.
But wait, the screenshot given below shows only 4 bars, so the player may guess the orientation randomly and clear tge level. Right?
No, that is not possible because what the screenshot shows is only of the first level and there will be 50 more levels with large of  bars and varrying difficulty. So dont worry about the project being interesting.

But will you have to draw every art for the 50 whole levels?? Will you have to do such a load of work?? No. The game uses concept of reusability very much. So you will have to draw some buttons , gui elts and some level backgrounds and screens only. Other things will be done using the magic of programming.So you dont have to worry about them.

Interested in the project...but do you want a demo to be sure??
Here goes a demo gameplay of first level :
(For android mobiles)

But what will you get in return ??
We can work by profit sharing. We will share the revenue obtained and profit of the game equally. Moreover , you can gain experience of working in a realtime project.Also , if you are a new artist , then also dont feel hesitated to contact me. Everyone has to begin somewhere, so if your arts are usable then you can continue in this project.

Ok I think some necessary information about the project has been given above.

So if you would like to join my project just feel free to drop a email at :

also you can reply here.

So waiting for your response...

Two screenshots :

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