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I'm a hobbyist indie game developer with dreams of making the next Undertale or Stardew Valley. I have a very unique game idea that I'm working on, and estimate that I am a year or so from release.

Current progress: I have built my own RPG engine in Game Maker Studio from the ground up, and am working out bugs now as well as developing and planning the story in design documents and mapping when that gets to be overwhelming for the day.

I am not looking to give out details of the game at this time, except that it will "borrow" from Undertale's design in that it will remember actions you've done in game on previous playthroughs. This is NOT an undertale clone. I'm using this mechanic in a new way.

What I need:

A spriter who can make sprites that fit with the following tileset style (not the sprites shown in the images, just reference the background)

I'm looking for somewhere around 15 (give or take) sprite sheets of 4 directional character movement as well as a "dead" pose for each character. Characters do not need to have an attack animation. Sprites should be approximately 32w x 48h

Timeline: A long time. I'm trying to get ahead of my need for art so that an artist can work at a leisurely pace.

Note that I am a solo person working on this as a hobby. I cannot pay $100 per sprite sheet (seems to be a popular cost) for 15 sprite sheets unless I want to get divorced.  This is a low budget venture, and if/when the game is released the sprite artist will be cut in on profits on top of the payment per sprite sheet.

If it comes down to it I'll use placeholder sprites and develop the game enough to start a kickstarter to hire an artist. I think the idea is that good.

If you're interested in jumping on-board, hit me up at I prefer E-mail responses, as I am posting this advertisement in multiple places.

Thanks for reading, Burgee

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