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Unpaid Work / C++ Developer Seeking Lead Artist For Indie Project
« on: November 30, 2017, 05:28:19 pm »

In Subcivic, you build a submarine out of Lego-like modules and use it to traverse an infinite ocean.

I'm searching for an accomplished pixel artist to create the game's art and animations. The scope includes terrain, submarine fixtures, creatures, particles, effects, and UI elements. Style should be sci-fi-eque and crisp (whatever that means). The current resolution for tiles and submarine parts is 16x16. I plan on writing GLSL shaders for normals, refraction, lighting, and other gameplay aspects to use in conjunction with pixel art (I will use the GPU to make your art godlike).

The final game will have multiplayer and lots of other fancy features, which means I don't have time to place pixels myself. :P
College student = Profit share
Release August 2018.
Email me at if you're interested. Let's talk.


Play current build:

Portfolios / Portfolio In Progress
« on: November 11, 2016, 04:33:03 am »
Hello, world!
My name is Wesley Barlow, I'm trying to get into pixel freelancing, specifically I specialize in UI, character animations, and tilesets.

My portfolio is a work in progress, but I'll post cool things as I make them here.

Right now I'm looking for jobs.
Contact me at, I'll help out all you indie devs on penny-sized budgets. Hey, I'm even willing to work for revenue share! I'd prefer small to medium scope projects so we can both be happy with a polished and (most importantly) finished game.

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